Friday, May 11, 2012


Today Granny Gee's colors are .... golden sunshine yellow
                                                        sky blue
                                                        fluffy white clouds
                                                        grass green, happy shades
                                                         'life' colors

It feels good today to feel good from ... less pain.  I know others know what I mean when coming back to what you are used to...

It affects your whole mood, life... not counting freedom from less pain!

I have smiled more at myself today... no one is around at the moment!  Just from pure relief and happiness to know how it feels to have my knee back to normal.  How silly is this?  Oh.. I keep taking sighs of ... relief... I just can't believe how quickly this happened!

It's like speeding in a car so fast (excruciating pain)........ then, sliding to an abrupt stop (to no pain)..... and looking all around at 'what just happened?'  Then... smiling in ...relief, ha! 

After that experience of not feeling what you felt... you have to keep 'testing' to see... if it's real!  It's real in my situation.  :)))

When you are 'me'... it's not silly at all.  I just choose to share it with you!  I could keep it to myself but, sometimes when we read we learn something from others.  Wouldn't I feel good inside 'if' I ever made a positive difference in someone's life... that's really the 'ultimate' in life, isn't it?

More sunshine has been put on my path... it's so bright today!  May
your day be the same!  Love, Granny Gee  :)))

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  1. It is good to be able to let us know that you are pain free from your extra pain you had. I am vey happy for you. I am sure you will be in a much better mood and won't feel so grumpy or down. Hope the shot will keep you feeling good for a long time! Love, Ms. Nancy