Wednesday, May 23, 2012




I became aware of crying around me... I realized I couldn't see. I couldn't see!

Where's my baby! I became frantic, I reached out trying to feel for my baby. I couldn't see! I felt fragments of glass stick into my fingertips! The pieces were cutting my fingers, they were sticky.. I couldn't see my fingers!

Why can't I see? What has happened to me? I was crying, I felt something fall from somewhere ...onto my lap. I felt for it ... broken glass! Why is there broken glass on my lap? I felt my head, my hair.... fragments of broken glass fell.

My baby! My baby! I began crying very loud for my baby. I could hear people around me... can't they hear me? In my mind I could see ... me sitting in the front seat on the passenger side of the car. Tommy's little head was resting on the door... oh my God! Where's my baby?!!!

I began screaming... maybe I had been screaming all along. I heard a soft, calm voice begin talking close to my head... he's alright, the feminine voice told me. The voice told me that she had my baby, that he was alright though, there were cuts on his face from broken glass!

Broken glass! Where did the broken glass come from! Where was I? What has happened to us? I was in a dark tunnel... for a moment I had seen light at the end of it... I remembered clutching my baby to my chest and crawling, fighting to go to that light to get away from..... oh my God! We've been in a wreck!

My baby's head, oh my baby's head was resting on the door! The car that crashed into the car we were passengers in... crashed into my side and pushed the door in on Tommy and I! I was hurt, my shoulder was hurting badly.

I was beginning to see again, the woman had placed my baby in my arms. I began sobbing as I saw the blood on my baby, on Tommy's face, head.

Blood has no place on a little innocent baby... my heart was broken... Tommy was crying. I held his little body to my chest, rocking him and talking softly to him through the sobs wracking my body.

We were taken to the hospital, there we were seen by the ER doctor. Hours later we were released to go home. I was so thankful Tommy was alright... it looked so much worst than it really was. So much glass was on both him and I, in our hair, our clothes.

I began to come out of the shock I was in. I asked about the woman whom Tommy and I had been with. She is fine, so are her children.. I was told.

She had stopped at the stoplight in Elkin, North Carolina near Chatham Blanket Company. A woman ran the the red light, crashing into the door pushing it in on me... I had been sitting straight in my seat with Tommy's little head resting on the padded door.

I had forgotten just before the crash, I had turned with my shoulder and part of my back resting against the door, I was holding Tommy with his head on my chest... in my mind.. his little head was still touching that padded door!

When the woman ran the red light she crashed into the door, my shoulder and back took the force of it. Tommy's head was protected by my chest. Thank-God, I would have died for my child!

Tommy and I had been in a wreck... thank-God, I had placed my shoulder and back to the door... we had forty years together ... mother and son. I miss my son... Tommy, I'm glad I got to know you, my precious son.




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  1. For those that didn't know Tommy he was a very kind person. He would give anyone the shirt off his back if they need it! Tommy's mother Gloria, is a very special person. I am thinking that may be where Tommy got his good personality from. I know Gloria well enough to know that if she says she would have died for her son, (what mother wouldn't?) then she would have died for her son. They had a special bond between the two of them. Then Ski came along and joined the two. I can honestly say that was/is one family that anyone could depend on whatever they said. They are as good as their word. Not very many of those people left in this world! Love, Ms. Nancy