Tuesday, May 1, 2012




I wouldn't have known how you cared

when I was so sick, so scared

You just walked up to me, looked in my eyes

you saw how sick I was, you heard my cries

You spoke kind words to me

that touched my soul, you see

How can I forget a stranger doing this

she leaned down, on my forehead ..left a kiss

Thank-you kind soul for caring for me

I have no one, not even family

Skip is here.. he is a part of me

he is everything, I know you can see

I cry from so deep down, I'm not here

but, I am.... I'm trying to go inside ... the fear

of knowing something I don't want to know

please drug me, this once I don't care!

I heard something alittle while ago that I can't bear

help me, Skip... let them drug me, I don't care

No longer a fear of taking drugs, the pain unlike

any I've ever felt, my life's no longer bright

I have begun my journey into the darkness in disbelief

let me be, I'm no longer here... oh God, the medicine is a relief

Thank-God I can be in this darkness where you can't see

how bad this is hurting me

A strange voice said 'ma'am, I have a man

collapsed here on the sand, on the ground

He isn't breathing, nor making a sound

Skip, where are you I called as I looked around

Skip, please come, take this phone

my whole world has dropped away from me, I'm alone

I don't believe, what did he say

oh my God, does he mean... my son has gone... away?

A stranger's voice called on Tommy's cellphone

what he said, made my world go away, I was alone

The pain, the realization trying to seep in

my mind couldn't take it, my world feels as if... it's coming to an end

Skip, please help me, take me to the ER

let them drug me, I cried... as he put me in the car

Park my mind, my soul, my body in a dark place... let me be

I don't want to see, hear, feel now... can't you see?

I've never wanted drugs, but... now, please just drug me

I have to go on the darkest journey of my life... just let me be

Don't you cry now...I have to go, I can't stay here

Just hold me, Skip... I know you care

For now, I have to go away, I have no thoughts, my son

is dead, I have no thoughts now... my son died

My world went dark, my soul cried

Tommy, where are you, why did you have to go?

A million years later, I began to hear Skip calling to me

I began to hear him in the darkness... Gloria, come to me

I began to cry as I felt my way back on that cold, dark path

trying to come back

Come back, everything's going to be alright, you're not alone

you haven't been since you heard the stranger's voice on Tommy's cellphone

I've been right here all along, by your side

I've been here hearing your cries

Come back, it's going to be alright, I'm here for you

I love you, Baby Girl, don't forget the Pups are here, too

I felt two cold noses on my hands, tongues licking me

I opened my eyes to see

Skip and our two precious Pups, Kissy and Chadwick

I looked at them as I heard the clock tick

I wonder how much time has gone by

since I began to travel in the dark world where all I could do was cry

The sun began shining on my path, darkness began to disappear

making me go toward the light, I don't want to stay here!

I want to live now, be happy with Skip

and our Pups.... Kissy and Chadwick!







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  1. I can't imagine what it took for you to write that poem. It touches my heart so much. I know time is suppose to heal all wounds but there are some wounds that time is very slow to heal. Your precious Tommy would not want you to be sad and still hurt but sometimes we hurt in our own way and heal in our own time. Some pain just doesn't go away for a long long time. Love, Ms. Nancy