Monday, May 7, 2012

Primrose... Rose... Cornflower... Marigold for 'Tommy Flowers'...

Good morning Everyone,

I wanted to say that so far... the flowers suggested for a 'Tommy Flower' are... Primrose, Rose, Cornflower... and I am thinking also... Marigold.

These so far are the flowers I want to get to remember Tommy by.  The Primrose was suggested by Berit, the Rose by Ms Nancy... the Cornflower by Nannie Gee... of course, the Marigold I want for the 'sunshine smile'... Tommy always had.

I wanted you all to know that this is special to me... your suggestions mattered to me.  I wondered what flower Taban or McKenzie would suggest... I don't know if I will ever know.  Tommy is their father, they look so much like him.  They also, have that 'sunshine smile' that lights their little faces and eyes, up.  Their blonde hair so much like his... frames that special smile... it could be sort of like a 'signature' smile... it's one that's well-known if someone saw it, and knew Tommy.

Berit, when you wrote to me to tell me that in Sweden where you live... primroses aren't common there... I was so interested.  You said that a primrose was growing in your flowers, Harry pointed it out to you... you said that was a 'Tommy Flower'.  That touched my heart so deeply.  I have to have a Primrose now... this is a special story to put with it.

Ms Nancy, you told me that a Rose was for true love and all one needed was one rose to show that love to someone.  I want to get a rose, also.  True love for Tommy.  This is a special suggestion, one that touched me deeply.  I would like have a rose bush in memory of Tommy.

Nannie Gee, I read what you wrote when you said Cornflower... the beautiful blue reminding you of a beautiful day... and Tommy's amazing blue eyes.  How special is that!  This just touched my heart in such a special way.

So far... these are the very flowers I want to get to grow in memory of Tommy.  Each flower has a little special story to it... with big meaning.  This means alot to me.

Primrose... Rose... Cornflower... Marigold

Don't the flowers look beautiful in words as they stand there alone?  Primrose... Rose... Cornflower... Marigold.


Thank-you for wanting me to know what you thought of when ... you thought of 'Tommy'.  It touches my heart deeply ...more than my words can possibly say.  You recognized that it meant alot for you to tell me just what you thought, felt.  I am very, very honored.  It means the world to me. 

Love, Granny Gee/Gloria  :)))

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  1. They sound like a beautiful combination!! Let me know when you plant them. I would like to see them. I am sure I will be able to see Tommy in each of them. Love, Ms. Nancy