Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Her World Is Going To Be Alright...

Her World Is Going To Be Alright...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

They sat by the little fish pond
Each the love of the other's life
Talking, laughing as they fed the fish

She looked up at the sky
Turned her head, she heard a rustling
She saw leaves flutter to the ground

It was fall time, their favorite time of the year
He'd been very ill, in the hospital
They were now, getting a start on fall things they loved to do

As they sat there, they spoke of having no one
No one but, themselves... she was there for him
His wife... he was there for her... her husband

She threw bread crumbs out over the water
He threw his bread crumbs, too
Many little fish came to the surface, little mouths feeding

As she listened to her husband's voice
She leaned back in her chair for a moment
Closed her eyes, felt the breeze... heard his voice

Felt the urge to go to sleep as the thought crossed her mind
It's so peaceful here, listening to the wind in the trees
Her husband's voice comforted her, soothed her to sleep

She woke in a moment, smiled at herself
I think my world is coming back together
Everything is going to be alright

They'd hit another rough time in their life
A storm threatened to overturn their boat
Threatened to take one away

To leave the other here alone in this big, old world
She looked up at the sky, thanked God
Thank you, God... for not taking Skip

He's all I got, he and the Pups
They are my whole life, I have no one else
Thank you, Lord... for not taking him away

She took a sigh of relief, many she's taken
Since the day he began to improve
When she knew he was going to be alright

Gloria smiled at him as they made plans
About things they wanted to do in the future
Yes, her world was going to be ... alright


  1. I am so glad everythig is going to be alright. I pray that it will be for a very long time! May God bless both of you and be with you always! Love, Ms. Nancy