Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Wonder What ... He Is?

I Wonder What... He Is?

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I've been listening for months now, to a person I met.  He's the nicest person you want to meet.  One feels upon meeting him that they would love to have him for a friend.

Mistake... you don't want this guy for a friend.  His best friend is a lie... he will lie about any, everything.  I have been constantly amazed at his lies... because I'm fortunate to know firsthand... he truly is lying.

I know you all know one person in your life like this... I've met more than one person in my life like this.  They will lie when there's no reason to lie.  They will lie on another person to make themselves look good.

I've watched, listened to this guy whom I will call Benson... he is good.  He is one of the .... best.  He has such a sweet face... who would believe he'd do such things?

I know several people whom he lies on... I witness it... I know better.  He does it front of ... my friends thinking they don't know.  Everyone will look at each other.

We still treat this guy very nice whenever he comes around, we always say something positive to him that's true..... we never try to 'bring him down'... we listen, go our ways.  We cringe as we walk away... for fear of 'feeling a knife in 'our' back'.....

I know he is sick, mentally.  The unfortunate thing here is that he comes across as a wonderful person to strangers... and 'why in the world' would 'he tell them' ... a lie?

What's so strange is.... even knowing he is nothing but, a big liar.... he is still a very likeable person!  I told you it was strange....

The latest lie is that he saved someone's life when they stopped breathing twice... the people there at the time say it's not true at all.  The person he supposedly saved went to the hospital to be released soon after.  He didn't stop breathing... not at all.

The parents 'believe' Benson's lie that he saved their child... they don't know any better than to believe.... now, they worship  Benson.  They say now, 'If it hadn't been for Benson........'  You can guess the rest.

I'm always studying, watching, listening quietly to people around me.  This has been one of the most interesting people lately...  I 'know' Benson's mind is 'sick'.... alot of people who've known him longer than I ..know it better than I do.  Some of them have been his target in the past.

I'm a people-watcher... I love to see 'different' people, they stand out to me.  I know there's got to be a reason 'Benson' stands out to me... I wonder what it is I need to learn from him.

I know 'teachers appear' in life... they aren't always what one would expect... to teach us lessons in life.  For months, I've been 'listening' to see what it is... if anything... I need to learn from someone who constantly lies to look good.  I don't do that... I'll look bad before I make someone else look bad.

Maybe he isn't a 'teacher' in life's lessons at all... I'm still trying to figure it out.  I wonder... what he is?


  1. I agree the last third paragraph.Yup,I love to watch many kinds of people in life.That why,our life go on with colors.

    Life lessons are significant,we learn from others in daily life.Just like your blog which mention about colors in life.It conceal the amazing meaning.

    Furthermore,Napoleon Bonaparte said:"History is a set of lies agreed upon."Without lies,someone will not be alive.But,all I am sure is white lies are somethings better.

    Great to see this post.I enjoyed extremely.

  2. Joann, thank you for your comment. It was a very interesting one I might add. I liked the part about Napoleon Bonaparte saying :"History is a set of lies agreed upon."Without lies,someone will not be alive." That really makes sense to me. I was honored that you enjoyed my post... and took time to comment. That means everything to me. :))) Granny Gee/Gloria

  3. Welcome and thanks for the time to reply my comment.

  4. Welcome and thanks for the time to reply my comment.

  5. Welcome and thanks for the time to reply my comment.

  6. I have always heard that it takes all kind to make the world go round. I wish I knew why people lied. If I have to tell a lie, I would rather keep my mouth shut. I think lies would be too hard to remember--to keep up with. If one has to re-tell that lie---they might tell it different next time. If I tell the truth, it is easier to remember! Honesty is the best policy! Then again you are right, some people can't help themselves and tell lies all the time. Sometimes it is to make them look good and sometimes it hurts other people---really bad. Maybe "Benson" can't help himself. People like this we have to keep in our prayers. Love, Ms. Nancy

  7. I think some people are compulsive liars. I am not sure they know they are lying. I think it is something started in childhood and continues into adult life, the sad thing is they believe their own lies. Ms Nancy commented on not remembering a lie, true liars do not care, they will cover themselves with another lie.
    The worst type of liar is the one who sets out to hurt others, they are just mean people
    ♥ Nannie Gee

    1. Hi Nannie Gee! I 'know deep down' that you are right about people who lie constantly. I so, hate to know they can be like that... I can't be... so, it disturbs me when I meet someone who can be so bold as to do that.

      I'm so happy to hear from you. :))))))))))))))))) Love, Granny Gee :)))