Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Light Of My World...

The Light Of My World...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

This morning in the dark I saw a shadow
Of our home underneath the night light
I stood there and watched it... begin to disappear

As the sky grew brighter
I saw the light touch the shadow
Little by little ... to make it go away

I stood there silently
Tilted my head to the side
I was awed to see a shadow turn into light

The shadow was gone, there no more
My eyes searched for any traces
The light was there in its place

When I'm sad, worried
I notice that I do things like this
I notice things I usually don't

My eyes will find things I don't really think about
To focus on, to make 'me' stay here
Watching as I think about what to do next

That shadow has gone away
The light, the light is the key
It chases shadows away whenever I'm in the dark

I know darkness well
My life has been touched many times
By darkness that tried to trap me on that road

So, that I'd never come back to the light
Add all my energy to make it darker, take my soul
But... it never counted on Skip, our Pups being there

As a beacon (thank you, Colleen), as a beacon shining
On that road, guiding me toward the light
Lighting that path up so, I could see

Chasing those shadows away, making my path clear
I came out of that darkness in time
I looked for the light, followed it

To make it here in today
I still see shadows such as the one I watched this morning
The light chased it away, I watched it go

It made me think of my light
Skip and our Pups who light up my world
Who chase shadows away, make me feel safe, not afraid

Go away shadows, go away
Please don't come back to make me afraid
If you do... the light of my world... will chase you away

Note:  I thought of two of my blogging friends as I wrote this... I associate 'beacon' with Colleen who told me that Skip and the Pups are my beacon.  I thought of Subhan who writes about the light.  I'm honored to have them as my friends.  :)))

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  1. It is nice when the light chases away the darkness. It sounds like you are on the positive side of things now! I am so glad you are. Try to always remember when you are in darkness, the light will come to bring the brightness! Love, Ms. Nancy