Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just Listen, You Don't Have To Say A Word...

Just Listen, You Don't Have To Say A Word...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Memories come flooding back
Overwhelming an older woman
Who remembers well being a little girl
Memories sad, full of pain

Don't feel sorry for me as I
Tell you about them because
I needed to be treated this way
As a little girl to toughen me up

For all the years of grief, bad things
That have happened in my life
Just think if I'd been treated like an angel
I could have never stood all these years

I'm a fighter, a survivor
Life has knocked me down many times
I get back up every time
Sometimes, sooner... sometimes, later

Several times though, I almost didn't get up
But... I did, here I am
To stand like the big Redwood tree
That survives the worst of storms

I hope life will take it easy on me now
I have grown older, more fragile
I would like to know peace, happiness
No one dying, no bad things anymore

My son has gone to Heaven now
Tommy was my only child
I knew he'd always be there for me
Now, he can't be... he's gone away

I have Skip and my Pups
They are my life, my world
So, everything's going to be all right
This I pray for always, every night

So, when I tell you my stories
I have to get them out
Some are sad, some are happy
Just listen, you don't have to say a word

I'm like a dam that's been waiting to break
I have many little holes through time
That's been plugged up
Now... I'm breaking open gently, the water's coming out

You don't have to say a word to comfort me
I'm already comforted knowing you are there
Just let me flow along as far as I need to
It is time now... the dam has opened, the water's coming out

Just let me let my pain flow along in words
In the waters of time
I would like to live the rest of my life
With peace of mind I've never quite seemed to find

My stories, my words will be sad, full of pain
That's the way most of my life has been, that's all right
It's the way it had to be I'm sure, I'm still positive
Even when I write negative things... everything is going to be all right

I'm thinking if I write all this pain out
That I'll empty myself like a glass of water
The water making good things in my life grow
To brighten, make my life all the better

I'll water my soul, water my heart
Growing good thoughts, feelings to spread to
Everyone, everything that comes in contact with me
That's why life has been hard for me, so... it'll be good now


  1. You write all you want! We, (your readers and I) love to read what you write each day. I look forward to it. I guess you could say I am like a child that goes into a candy store---always want more! If it makes you feel better to write whatever you feel or want to share, I say go for it! Just remember I am always here for you at all times! Love, Ms. Nancy

    1. Thank you, Ms Nancy. I'm always here for you, too. Love, Gloria