Thursday, November 29, 2012

Please Come Back... Please Don't Go!

Please Come Back... Please Don't Go!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

She sat there in silence
No one noticed her
She was a little girl of nine
No one wanted her, now

She used to have a nice home
But, something bad must have happened
Because the little girl's life changed to bad
Faye had been sent to Hell

Hell was where two good people lived
Grandma Alma and George
They were as good as good could be
Only good things never happened back to them

Grandma Alma was paralyzed
George was blind, both depended on each other
There were lots of people around
Only... not that many wanted to help them

They were too focused on whipping ass
Too focused on having fun
Focused on dominating, black-mailing
Taking someone's man

This was Hell where everyone was mean
Sure, sometimes someone would have a heart
That was soon taken back when someone
Didn't do their will, bow down

The little girl watched it all, they didn't see 'her'
They saw another little person no one wanted to care for
They did find a use for her
They could slap her around, say 'you look like your God___ daddy!

Slap her around, they did
Blooded her little nose, bruised her tender skin
Shut up, you little brat, you aren't wanted here
Be glad someone took you

The little girl would cry, no one heard
She learned to keep her feelings, pain to herself
The little girl grew up to be most private
She vowed never to let others get 'but, so close' to her

The little girl learned to hate, she'd never hated before
She learned to not smile anymore
Hell..... Hell had no place for sweet smiles
It only got you slapped down

She wanted her mama, her mama was gone
For long periods of time
Forgetting she had a little daughter
Who would cry for her with her very heart

When her mama would come back to Hell
The little girl would be so happy
Now... no one would slap her, be mean to her
Her mama would .... whip their ass

No, mama, please don't leave me here
No one wants me, they hurt me
Mama would say let me know when I come back, who hurt you
I'll whip their ass to make them wish they hadn't

The little girl stood there weeping as she
Watched her mama go, mama... please come back
Please mama, don't leave me here
I want to be with you, please protect me

I'm just a little girl
I just want my mama
I don't want to be here in Hell
Where I'm no one special anymore

Mama, please come back
Please, mama... I love you so
She'd cry as someone would hold her
To keep her from running to go with her mama

Her mama would walk away, just turn her back
Leave the little girl sobbing, falling to the ground
I hate you, mama!  I love you so much, please come back, please don't go!


  1. Five year old looks just like my very long ago gone yellow lab . I miss her so much. If there is an afterlife and I can have just two "people" with me it would be that dog and my first grandchild.I really like the bottom 2 pics on the left here. I would like to guest post you on my Wednesdays for artists, cartoonists and poets only. I would like to post these 2 and maybe 2 Christmassy things of your choice.I would need gravatar, 4-5 sentence bio and pics each sent as jpegs to my email. Caption for each - title and media used and size. I need something for the 12th Dec. I hope Granny will participate.

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