Friday, November 16, 2012

When I Look Into The Mirror...

When I Look Into The Mirror ...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

This morning as I stood in front of the mirror... I began to walk away, stopped, looked back at what I saw.

The light was dim, I thought I 'saw'.... a young girl standing there.  I stepped closer to see.  Hey, that's 'me'... for a moment I saw a young girl just standing there from the past... standing there with her head tilted to one side, looking back at me.

I smiled... at myself.  I lowered my eyes to not see anymore.  I went inside myself to think about what I saw.

I 'miss myself'... I miss being a young girl.  I lifted my eyes back to the mirror and saw me as I look today.  My smile this time was a sad one... I would love to be that young girl again knowing what I know now.  How many older people have you heard say that?  Now... it's my turn to say it.  :)))

I was thinking that it's quite sad when we all grow older with such vast knowledge... and not have the chance to be young again, have the opportunity to use it.  I would love that chance.  Get to start over, make good, solid decisions.... gracious, wouldn't it be wonderful?  I know so many young people would go a long way in life if afforded another chance to start over with the knowledge gained through the years growing... older.

Don't you think it sad, too... for people 'just to grow old' until they 'are no more?'  Don't you agree that it's sad for two married people to go through so many years of ups, downs... only for one of them to lose the other?  Then to grow older without the very one person they've been closest to?  Until they ... are no more?

Sometimes when I look into the mirror expecting to see 'myself'... I am surprised.  It's not me looking back... an older lady is standing there looking back at me.  I feel a little jolt.. I'm surprised because that older lady is 'me'.... me, with young thoughts, feelings.  :)))

When I look into the mirror.... I have stood there with my cellphone camera to 'catch a glimpse of me'.... when I 'feel my younger self' I will take photos of 'me'.

The strange thing is... that the photo I take of 'me'.... doesn't look like what 'I saw' in the mirror!  There's an 'old lady' standing there in that photo!  How did that happened... an old lady shows up in my photo... and it's supposed to a photo of 'me'........  :)))

When I look into the mirror.......


  1. Oh I know how you feel!! I am not sure who that lady is that looks at me. It is always some "Old" female I don't recognize in that mirror. She has a lot of nerve coming into my home and invading my privacy! Maybe it is the same lady that watches you in your mirror! We will have to set a trap to catch her! Love, Ms. Nancy