Saturday, November 3, 2012

You Are Totally Insane...

You Are Totally Insane...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Skip and I were walking just the other day when I had this strange feeling.  Not only that, I began getting interesting thoughts that I'd never-ever thought about!  :)))

I was looking all around as we walked when... I began thinking of something so interesting, so crazy... so... 'I've never thought of before!'

For a short time I began to feel like I was 'all eyes'.... yes, literally 'all eyes'.  In fact, picture two eyes as big, tall as a person walking around... with little short legs, two little short arms!

Picture all of us looking like this.... walking around, looking at everything.  I was thinking that if we were 'all eyes'.... 'if I were all eyes'.... I could see so much!

I could walk, turn around and see a view from my toes to my head... I could 'see everything'.  I wonder if I'd be able to see farther?  My own two eyes see a lot when I look around.

I wonder if I were 'all eyes' ... and turned forty years old, and began to have a focusing problem.... how giant reading glasses would look?

I think this is a interesting concept.... I couldn't wait to tell Skip my new thoughts.  As I related them to him... he stopped still, looked at me with a funny little smile, said in a very quiet voice, 'you are totally insane'........

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  1. Tell Skip you are not totally insane!! You are a woman with a vision! You have a great imagination. Sometimes it is nice to use one's imagination to be able to "just think" about different things. Love, Ms. Nancy