Saturday, June 8, 2013

Photos Of My Straw Bale Garden...

Photos Of My Straw Bale Garden...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Today, I took photos of my straw bale garden.  There are little tomatoes on some of the plants.

I saw one bell pepper growing, and I see yellow blooms on the squash vines.

This is the week we get our grass cut, so... please excuse the 'tall' grass.  Our yard doesn't normally look like this.  It is mowed every two weeks.

We got lots of heavy rain off Andrea, the tropical storm. Today, it seemed like the grass grew much higher.  :)))

You can see my 'makeshift' fence that will be easily taken down at the end of summer.  This is to keep the deer out.  I didn't make a big straw bale garden, as this is an experiment.  I wanted to see how it does.

I like the idea of using the bales.  So, next year... Skip will get more bales for me to play in.  I was thinking I'd like to have like two rows stacked, one row along side of that... or maybe just 3 rows stacked... with plants growing out from the sides.  :)))

The fence is a portable dog fence... that is stretched out, connected to the gate (with the orange garden hose).  The gate is connected to the Baker's Rack that I use for gardening.  All can be taken down in a matter of minutes... no one the wiser.  How simple is that?

Oh, I have containers, experimenting with them.  I read about using different containers like people do in big cities on their balconies... to garden.  I cut in half 2 liter bottles, and the gallon water jugs from water we purchase, to recycle them.  They work rather well, for a small garden like I have. I can throw them away easily at the end of summer, also.

This is my update on my straw bale garden.  A lot of people have been asking.  I'm sure some of you who did plant one... have beautiful plants in yours.  Happy gardening!

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  1. I like the idea of a "straw bale garden". I just don't have what it takes to grow a garden. I can however, can vegetables! I did learn how to do that! Of course it is cheaper to go to the store and buy them because by the time I buy everything I need to can, I could have bought a lot more at the store! Vegetables from the garden taste much better though. Happy Gardening! Love, Ms. Nancy