Friday, June 28, 2013

The Dragonfly Tattoo That Wasn't Meant To Be...

This is the dragonfly picture that 'found me'... I wrote about it.  It hangs in my bathroom.

The Dragonfly Tattoo That Wasn't Meant To Be...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Well... today will be the day I go to get my ... dragonfly tattoo.  The only way I won't get it will be because I can't get there... the shop closes unexpectedly... or the shop/tools aren't what I expect it to be; or 'something like that'.  :)))

Two weeks ago ... we talked to Jason, the tattoo artist.  He is just opening a new shop.  He said he wanted his shop to be 'high-end'... and told us about it.  

My tattoo won't look like the one above... I want something more delicate... soft 'happy-colored'.  If I can't see 'just the right picture'... that will be another reason 'why' I wouldn't get it today.  Jason suggested I draw/design my own dragonfly... it isn't something I 'felt inside' I should do.... so, I haven't.  I don't draw a lot lately... anyway.

I want to mention a 'strange' thing that's been happening since we first talked to Jason, the tattoo artist.  My right shoulder has begun itching... it never itched before... but, has ever since.

I've been careful not to scratch, or break the skin... so, I rub it.  It's strange... 'why has it been itching since I'm close to having my tattoo done'?

I want the delicate little dragonfly that I keep imagining .... to be placed on my right shoulder.  I want it to look like it 'just stopped there for a moment'.

Then... underneath it will be..... 'In Memory Of My Son, Tommy'.  A delicate, little 'happy-colored' dragonfly in memory of my only child who died May 29, 2010....


We went to the tattoo shop ... to get the tattoo.  The guy named Jason took people in front of me; put a stack of new books in my hands, told me to pick out a dragonfly.
Skip and I felt bad, when he did that to me.  It was like he'd forgotten I was there; we had already talked to him a week before.

I stood there with the books... as I looked, I 'knew' I could never let him put the special tattoo of the dragonfly on me.  Hard feelings... I felt hard feelings toward him.

It was wrong of him to take the two women who arrived after I did... we sat 30 minutes waiting for his shop to open.  The reason he did that was because one of the women was about his age, cute.  I could hear them talking as I stood there with the books; he was just broken up with someone.... that said it all.  They were flirting with each other, laughing and talking.

I walked over, handed him the books, told him I was leaving.  He asked did I want a consultation.... I looked at him, told him I didn't want him to do the tattoo.  We left.  He had forgotten we already talked to him.

I left thinking about all the new books of tattoos; I didn't see a book of tattoos he'd done... I had looked forward to seeing his work.  If he does other people like he did me... his business will fail before it starts.  We liked him... now, we are very disappointed in him.

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  1. I think you were right to walk out of that shop! I know you wanted the dragonfly tattoo but I want you to be very careful about that. Please take all precautions to make sure everything is clean and on the up and up!!! Love, Ms. Nancy