Monday, June 24, 2013

WHOOOOO_OOOOOO! Guess Who Isn't Possessed?

WHOOO_OOOOOOO!  Guess Who Isn't Possessed?
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I know by now, everyone is siding with Skip, in thinking 'Gloria is for-real possessed'.  :)))

So, many of you have seen my 'moving' photos.  Some of you even thought I had somehow.... made them move, made them animated.

Prenin, a friend of mine told me what was going on.  It seems that the camera that took these photos, has the ability to turn photos into 'gifs'... and they became animated.

Therefore... 'Gloria became possessed' in those photos!!!  Now... my photos don't... scare me!!!  Ha!  I couldn't imagine why in the world some of my photos were moving... and the rest weren't moving!

I wanted to let everyone know... honest, I'm not possessed at all... only my photos 'are'!!! No, they aren't... it's me being silly!

It's been fun talking with everyone on my blogs, and Facebook ... trying to figure this thing out.  A special 'Thanks' goes to my friend, Prenin!

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  1. I never thought you were possessed but I was curious as to how you made the pictures do that. I am glad your friend figured it out! Well, you always did like to dance so now even at our age, you can still dance! Love, Ms. Nancy