Sunday, September 29, 2013

Casting Webs...

Casting Webs...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Look, there he goes on that brand new car
See that big smile on his face
He's looking at those girls he just passed by
Pretending he is looking straight ahead

He's going to catch him one
That's why he drives this brand new car
It's candy apple red, sure to please
He's casting his web, sure he'll catch something

Catch something... he does
A beauty with blonde hair, blue eyes
A big smile on her face, pearly whites showing
Her hair blows in the wind, as she tosses it back

This man must be rich to afford a car like this
I'm going to catch him, though he thinks he caught me
Caught me... he has cast his web
Using his brand new car as bait to lure me

She lowers her eyes, acts sweet and shy
While he sits there driving, boasting of all he has
They are both after something... both unknowingly
Are casting webs, he to catch her... she to catch him

When he stops the car, they look into each other's eyes
Let's get married, we both know what we want
She thinks he has lots of money, he thinks she's sweet
They go get married... not long, the honeymoon's over

I've got to let this new car go back, I can't pay bills
As long as I have to pay this high payment on it
I don't have the money you think I have
She looks at him with evil in her eyes

I'm not as sweet as you thought I was
I just wanted your brand new car
You cast your web, I cast mine
Neither of us... caught anything

I'm tired of being a spider he thought
It's time to go fishing in the sea
He bought a boat and wore his speedo
No more casting webs, it was time to cast... fishing lures!

Everyone knows there's more than one fish in the sea
Isn't that what we are all told, every day of our life?
Catch one, throw one back... there's always another one
If that one don't taste good... you don't have to keep it

He caught a whale of a woman
Who wanted to ride his boat
She didn't care if he had a car, or not
She turned out to be really sweet

She didn't require a whole lot
Only a little water to moisten her skin
She could get that in his bathtub
He didn't have one... so, he had to toss her back into the sea

He didn't have a car, a boat no more
He was out of web casting material
What was a poor man to do
At least he had on a good pair of walking shoes

He walked, and walked hundreds of miles
Tired, weary he stopped at a tent in the woods
He saw a woman, her shoulders slumped
From the weight of the world

Their eyes met... it was instant love
No one had a net to cast out to catch the other
Only their eyes told the other what they wanted to know
They walked off into the beautiful sunset... lived happy ever after

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  1. That sounded like a good plan to me! Hopefully everything will be good for them now! Love, Ms. Nancy