Saturday, September 21, 2013

Her Body Was Ready To Take Off... On The Next Note Of Music!

Her Body Was Ready To Take Off... On The Next Note Of Music!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

She got up to dance to the music that seeped deep into her soul.  It made her want to move... there was no way anyone could have stopped her... her body had to move.  Even she... couldn't have stop if she wanted to.

She stepped out onto the dance floor, colored lights going 'round and 'round.  She began smiling her little secret smile... she was going to dance.  Her secret was... when she danced, she became the music... she was the music.  Anyone watching would agree.

Music to her was like eating the best food... one didn't 'just eat the food'... one had a little ritual to get the very best from it.  She was just beginning hers.

She gently swung her hair back from her face... her face lowered, her eyes closed.  A sensation of goose bumps began on her arms... oh, this is what she was meant for.  To dance ... to dance the night away.  It didn't matter if she had a partner... she would never notice him... if she did.  

She changed into the music she heard, she felt.  She never saw the people who sat there... mesmerized by her.  She was like an exotic gypsy woman... her long tresses flowed, her long-colorful skirt twirled... gently; ever so easy.  One could feel the tension... something was about to happen... all eyes were riveted on the young, beautiful woman that swayed in front of them... she was like a silky ribbon gently flowing on a breeze... everywhere.

Her movements were like liquid, she flowed like a dream.  Her movements were sensuous as her hips began to move a little faster.  Her body arched, wanting to escape the confines of her human body.  It wanted to be free of gravity.  

Her lips trembled, her eyes were moist... dreamy.  There was nothing else in the world but, her and the music that she'd become.  She was doing what she was born to do... anyone who saw her recognized this was a natural-born dancer.  

Her hands fluffed her long, curly, blonde hair ... tossing it back from her beautiful face.  People gasped at the beauty they saw... she danced with the music as if it were her lover... no one had ever seen such.  Beautiful, sweet.... her lips were full, slightly opened.  Such beauty made people want to cry... to never see its motion ... stop.

She began to slow down as the music was getting ready to close... her senses began returning.  She was beginning to change into the everyday person she was... her magic was disappearing until... the next time.  

Her eyes widened as she became aware of the people sitting, looking at her... while their hands began clapping low, then... louder.  She tilted her head to her right shoulder, amazed... she was always amazed when 'she came back to earth'... when she became aware of people.  They acted as if she'd become something special...

Her lips smiled a sweet smile as she gracefully walked back to her seat.  She was ready to dance again... she felt her body ready to take off on the next note of... music!

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  1. I know that move!!!! Something we have always had in common! I know you can dance! You were very good at it. Getting lost in the music is something a great dancer will do! I can still see you dancing and twirling! Love, Ms. Nancy