Saturday, September 28, 2013

Homemade Soup... Beautiful Fall Day... Song By Wind Chimes And Breeze

Homemade Soup... Beautiful Fall Day... Song By Wind Chimes And Breeze...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Well... I got up early this morning, got my wonderful shower, dressed.  I fed our three Pups a nice breakfast in their freshly-washed bowls.  I never feed their meals in a dirty bowl.  I, also, have them a treat bowl each.

All are stainless steel bowls.  I put a rawhide chew, and two milk bones in each treat bowl for after they eat their breakfast.  I love to watch them get a treat, go lay down and chew contently.

This morning is cool, breezy, sunny.  It's another beautiful fall day.  I had to go outside... I did.  I raked, cleaned the Pups' fenced-in yard.  It's all sand now, thanks to the 'swimming pool fiasco' this summer (you can find it on my blog...  We always keep a clean yard for the Pups.  They love to run, play... and slide around in the soft sand.  The sand is wonderful... though... it can cause a dog to itch.  I have to brush them, often.  It's important to keep their yard clean.

I came back inside... the next thing I know... I'm making a homemade soup.  Oh my... today's a wonderful day for homemade soup.  It celebrates fall time,
welcomes the cooler air.  I have it simmering now.  I have the doors open, I can hear the sound of my wind chimes as the breeze playfully blows them... they are
singing 'it's fall time, it's fall time'!  My favorite time of the year... my favorite song by my wind chimes.  :)))

Homemade soup, a beautiful fall day... song played by wind chimes and breeze... it is a special day.  I may go out on the porch later, eat at the patio table... while I watch the clouds shift, change shapes in the clear, blue sky!

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  1. That soup does sound so very good!!!!! I can tell it is fall time and don't have to look on my calendar. It is nice and a little breezy too. Next thing you know the holidays will be here! Love, Ms. Nancy