Monday, October 21, 2013

Angolan Witch Spider ... Giant Spider Is Going To Eat You, And Your Dog! Oh! Your Cat, Too!

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Angolan Witch Spider - Giant Spider Is Going To Eat You, And Your Dog!  Oh!  Your Cat, Too!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I looked in awe at a photo shown to me, today.  Oh, my God!  They are coming this way... and they are eating our dogs, cats... our precious pets!   In my mind, I was visualizing that everyone was going to have to have big guns to protect themselves from this... 'enemy'.  Oh, my God!  It is as big as the side of the house, and it's not common here.

It was already in Texas... and 'coming our way'!!!  The Angolan Witch Spider... is coming our way... which means we still have time before it gets here.  We live in North Carolina!   Just several states over from that big thing!

I handed the photo back.  I, now... had some food for thought!  All day... I thought about this big spider.  You know that I am afraid of spiders... don't you laugh, because I 'just know' a lot of you are, too!  Think about it... a spider as big as the side of a house!  That's a 'big-ass' spider!   I don't run... but, I'm sure I could learn to very fast.  Run like the wind!  Fly like a bird!  Flow like a fast-moving river!  I would get the heck out of Dodge.  I can't take a spider as big as a ... dime.  What do you think I'd do... when it's big as a house?  

Tonight ... I got to thinking about the photo of that big-ass spider (yes, it really was a big-ass spider!  I have to tell you so, you'll know I'm being for-real!)  I decided to check it out on the computer.  Well... this is what I found out.

I found the very photos of that Angolan Witch Spider!  We have three precious pups... I don't want spiders to come this way... eat my pups up!  I've got to protect them!  What was that?  I saw something ... words close by this particular photo... hoax?

Hoax?  I was praying for it to be a hoax!  Everyone knows that in Florida... all those things there... isn't a hoax.  Those big-ass snakes, lizards and gizzards, rats, and God knows what!  They ARE real... plus the alligators, and crocodiles... oh my!  It's dangerous 'down there'!  I just couldn't live there now... oh!  There are those pigs that will 'get you', too!  Damn (oh yes, I said that word!)... just coming out of your door to walk to your car is dangerous!  Those things won't only get your pets, they will 'get you', too!

It's a dangerous world out there... and I'm so thankful to find out that the Angolan Witch Spider... isn't real?  I mean... it could have been true, sure enough!  These days... anything 'can be'... nothing would surprise me.  

This evening for a short time... 'before I really knew'.... I got to know how it felt to dread 'those Angolan Witch Spiders were coming our way'!  I got to know how it felt to know... they were not only coming here... but, they could eat me, and my dogs (and cats)!  Hey... I was worried about 'you', too!  They could eat you, and your dog... too!  Oh, and your cat, too!
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  1. Don't feel bad!! I hate spiders too. All spiders!! When I see one I grab the fly swatter to kill it. The swatter is good for more than just killing flies. I am glad that spider was just a hoax! Love, Ms. Nancy