Saturday, October 26, 2013

I Fought For My Life... In The Dark!

I Fought My Life...  In The Dark!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I was tired, I just wanted to get into the house, and go to my bed and sleep.  Sleep for as long as I wanted to.  My bed wasn't far from me, now... it was just inside the door... go through the living room, go to my bedroom.

All I had to do was to unlock the door, go in... change to my nightgown... and jump into bed.  Simple as that!

I breathed a sigh of relief... as my key unlocked the door.  I smiled... I was ... home at last!  Oh my... I couldn't wait to step into the living room, close and lock the front door behind me.

I stepped inside... it was very dark.  I was reaching for the light switch, feeling so happy to be home.

All of a sudden, I was fighting for my life!  I screamed over, and over!  Help me!  Please help me!   Someone was pulling my hair from above... they had to be taller than I was.  I knew no one would hear my cries... no one would come to help me!

I fought to pull my head, my hair out of their hands.  The grip was too strong as I pulled my head away from them!  I was trying to run!  I couldn't comprehend what was happening!  My hair was grabbed again... I'm going to die!  Oh, God... I'm going to die!

I reached out for the light switch... not knowing who I was going to see!  I couldn't imagine.... I kept striking out to make contact with whoever it was holding me by my hair, pulling my hair!

The light switch came on, I spun around!  No body was... there!  No body was there!  I kept spinning, ready to fight for my life... no one was there!  My hair was still being pulled, pressure was on my head!

I began grabbing at my thick, curly hair!  All of a sudden, my hair was released!  Oh, my God!  Oh, my God!  Something big flew off ... what in the world!?

I couldn't believe my eyes!  An owl landed on the counter top that separated the kitchen, and living room!  An owl!  An owl was in my house!  How did that owl... get in the house?!

I pushed the front door open.... then, I began to make my way to the pantry... I wanted the broom.  I didn't want to hurt the owl... I just wanted to have the straw part of the broom to help 'guide' it out the front door!

I jumped as that big bird moved... I was holding my breath.  I was ready to begin screaming again.  I stayed close to the wall, my eyes darting to the big owl, and to where that broom was.

The owl flew up from the counter... I began screaming as its big wings came close to my head.  It was going to grab me by my hair again!   I put my hands over my head as I ducked down....

That big-ass owl flew out the front door into the night!  I ran, closed the door, locked it tight!  It was not coming back in!

I stood there, taking deep breaths to calm myself down.  I felt my head where my hair had been pulled.  I felt to see if there was blood.  The pain was horrific!

I began shuddering as both my hands held my head, felt my thick, curly hair... my hands went to my eyes.  I pressed them hard over my eyes.  I kept thinking how grateful I was that I wasn't being murdered, raped... that I'd been attacked by ... only an ... owl!
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  1. Wow! I bet that was scary! I also wonder how that owl got in your house? Isn't it strange how something big can get into a house? Hopefully you have seen the last of the owl. Just be careful when going in and out of your house. Love,Ms. Nancy