Thursday, October 17, 2013

Life... Invisible

Life... Invisible
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I was thinking something very strange tonight. 

Truthfully, I've never thought of anything like this... 'before' tonight. 

I was thinking how I have fought my many Life Battles... and since I'm here at this very moment... that means 'I won them'.

I'm a survivor of many 'bad things' that have happened in my life.  I'm so grateful to be here... I love to live.  The one time I wouldn't have cared if I died or not... was when my son died, three years ago.  I would have never known if I'd died.  I was in the darkest world possible...

I was trapped in my grief, pain.  I didn't know when the sun was shining... or what was going on around me.  I was drowning in the Ocean of Grief... my husband, Skip, kept throwing lifesavers to save me.  He did... Skip is my hero, my best friend, my precious husband.

I was thinking tonight... and picturing in my mind.... hospital rooms.  Each hospital room has a patient who is battling to live... their room became their 'battlefield' to survive.  Ever so often, a nurse... doctor, nursing assistant... visitors come to these rooms for one reason or other...never realizing what they are doing.

They never realize that they've entered a battle-zone... they have stepped onto the roads in life where the patient is at that time... to fight for his life.  They walk here, there in that area... never feeling a thing.  Isn't it strange?  They are in the midst of a battle-zone... yet, all is 'invisible'.  They aren't seeing what is actually happening as they are with the patient.

It's strange... a person is actually fighting a battle, struggling to live... yet, no one can 'see the battle' going on.  No one saw my battles when I fought them... they were invisible. 

People walked across my 'battle-fields', never knowing what they were doing.  They walked on, off my paths I traveled to live, traveled to get to another path in Life.  All ... invisible.

When I came out of each terrible battle... no one could see what I'd just come through.  As long as they never had to experience a battle in life... there's no way they could understand these words... there's no way they could see the 'roads/paths' I was on ... my battlefields... yet, they may have walked on them to pass me by... to get 'to where they were going'.

Have you ever thought about such?  I never have ...until tonight.  Of course, patient and their hospital rooms 'aren't the only battlefields'... I used that for an example. 

Everywhere in this world... people are struggling to survive 'bad things'... their battle-field could be anywhere/anything.  There are people who are just innocently crossing 'in the line of fire'... never seeing, feeling anything. 

It's something to think about... I promise you won't forget what I wrote after reading this.... you will probably try to 'see/feel' when you are aware of crossing over someone else's battlefield, their paths in Life to get to a good place for them. 

Many people have crossed my battle-fields, my many paths in Life... I've watched them sometimes... they never saw, or felt a thing.  They just didn't know... this is life invisible.


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  1. I think unless somone has walked on your battlefield, they won't know how you fought your battle to live. I do know you have fought many battles beginning at an early age. You fought battles no one, especially a child, should have had to fight. You always had a smile on your face when I saw you as a child never knowing the real pain you were in. I am glad you fought your way back to life!! I love my best friend named Gloria!! Love, Ms. Nancy