Sunday, October 6, 2013

That's Sexy...


He was putting down the new plywood on the kitchen floor, to later lay tile on it.  I was excited to be getting fresh color into the kitchen, a new floor!

We stayed out of his way, and found things to do.  We never thought of 'not' trusting this guy to do things right.  His uncle highly recommended him, saying he was the best.  He recommended him so highly that.... he said 'he would replace the floor' if his nephew messed up.  We couldn't resist the deal... also, the price for him to do the job was $300.00.

I walked into the living room, called to the guy, I asked him how was it going.  He said the floor sure was 'looking sexy'!  I took it to mean that it was 'looking very good'.

Later that evening when it was finished, he told us to come look at our new ... sexy... floor.  I couldn't wait to look, I knew it was going to be beautiful!  Skip and I hurried to the kitchen to look at the floor... we stood completely still as we stared......

Oh my God!  Oh my God!  I said to the guy with shock...'what in the heck have you done'?  Skip was upset.  We couldn't believe our eyes when we looked at our 'sexy floor'!

It was 'sexy' alright!  That guy had built up in places with 2 layers of plywood, when there should have been 1 sheet to make it even all over.  The floor had high 'ridges' in it.... We were in shock... we asked why was the floor like that?

The guy told us that when it dried (the glue underneath)... it'd all be just fine... it'd be so pretty, so 'sexy'!  He asked Skip if he'd pay him right at that moment because he had to be in court the following morning.  Skip went ahead and gave him 3 one hundred dollar bills.  The guy left us with our 'sexy' floor.....

I walked on the tile later on that night, glue squished up between the tiles.  I'd been around all kinds of home construction, remodeling... I 'knew' something wasn't right.  That floor wasn't at all .... sexy!  No, not at all.  I felt anger at the guy... I just felt he did it wrong.

We got someone to come over to check it ... that guy had used 2 layers of plywood in some places.... 1 layer in others.  The man who came to check it out.... couldn't understand 'why' this was done.... also, he discovered that the glue underneath the tiles... was too thick!  He told us that he didn't think ... we had a sexy floor at all!

We never could find that guy again... we also, found out that he was a drug addict and that was probably 'why' he ruint the kitchen floor.  We ended up paying the man who checked it out for us... to make our floor  Oh... the uncle of that guy never came to see us again... nor did he try to help us have a 'sexy' floor, either.  He broke his promise.

The floor turned out to be beautiful that time.  Oh... the first guy had brought an old picture in a scuffed up wooden frame for us to hang in the kitchen... I don't know 'why' he did that either. When he came to make our floor 'sexy'... he said he had brought a 'sexy' picture to go in the kitchen.

 Skip and I took pleasure in throwing it away... after we broke it into pieces.  Our reasoning for our actions was..... 'it just wasn't sexy enough'!

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  1. I am so sorry that happened to you and Skip. I think I would have reported that guy to the authorities and had him arrested or at least pay you back for the floor. I don't know why people do those kind of things. I guess it does take all kinds to make the world go 'round! Love, Ms. Nancy