Tuesday, October 1, 2013

'These Are The Birds Of My Feather'....

'These Are Birds Of My Feather'...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Believe it or not... there are 'birds of my feather'... I've met them, personally. I was amazed as I watched, listened to the way they spoke, how they thought. 'Pure amazement'... wow! People 'like me'!

Now, this doesn't happen very often... it's rare. I don't meet 'many' birds of my feather... that often. When I do, I treasure them... I'm always glad to see them. Though, I'm not around them... I keep them in my life.

Yes, I've had people 'fool me' for a time... but, my nature is to always sense, feel people ... it never stops doing this... no matter how far into a 'friendship' I get. I can tell 'when the honeymoon' is ... over. I, forever... lose interest in a person who has 'fooled' me. You can't win me back... it's gone.

They have to go their way, I go mine... if you were 'real' in the first place, I'd kept you for a ...'real' friend. If you aren't a bird of my feather... then, we don't have a common ground to stand on... I might be afraid of what ... you stand for.

Like you, I have things I look for in another person in order to like them, care for them. I can care for others, though... I don't like them. I just stay away from them. I was just wondering.... 'can I like someone... not care for them'? Mmmm...mmm, that's different, I never thought about that.

'Different'... different... that's a magic word to me. I love people who are different, interesting... never the same... yet, the same person.

I love unusual people who do unusual things... dress differently, not afraid to be themselves. I don't mean ugly people who like to be vulgar, nasty.... but, good people who do fun, colorful things... happy, smiling people. You know... 'birds of my feather'!

I love the unusual way they think, talk. That catches my interest in a blink of an eye... my attention is dead-centered... on them. I'm 'all ears'... I'm excited 'to see what will be said, done...next'. Color after color... I want to see them all! Happy colors... now, they are the colors of 'birds of my feather', are.

Yes, I know... I haven't been very colorful for some time...my son died... Tommy died. I have to make myself say it... I have to tell myself... it's true. Doing that doesn't lessen the pain at all... what it does do is to 'make me face reality'. Why? Because no mother wants to know her child has ... died. He won't be coming back.

Do you know how that stabs me inside as I write that? No, you wouldn't. That's okay... the point here is... I face reality.... I don't fool myself ... I like people who are like that. They know 'life really can happen'... they are going to face it head-on.

I love artistic people who constantly create with 'everything'.... or even more fun... 'nothing'! I love that... that gets my attention quicker than anything. I love to paint, draw, write... play with colors, play with words... I really love being around 'these birds of my feather'! I'm at my one of my happiest times... happiest people!

I'm always 'different'... yet, I'm always the same person. It's like being a beautiful, fluffy, white cloud up high in the blue, blue sky... that's constantly changing shapes... happy shapes, ugly shapes.

The cloud is always changing when the wind blows it, the conditions in the atmosphere, change... yet, it's the same cloud. Interesting... one never knows what's going to happen next. Or... be said, next. Or.. what color next... or, what shape!

Exciting... that special feeling in one's chest, stomach... mind. I love to be around good, fun-loving, different people. Who knows what fun, wonderful thing can happen next?!

The wonderful 'unexpected'... that's a beautiful color of 'the birds of my feather'. Who knows what special is going to happen... next!

This is only a very few things to describe 'birds of my feather'... but, you get the idea. Sometimes, 'birds of this feather'... might not appear to be 'interesting'... if you overlook them... you 'have missed'... a lot. Because... when they go into action... who knows when they feel they want to do that... these birds of my feathers can 'show you a thing or two'. Exciting things, charming things... colors of every kind... just who knows!

They don't feel the need to brag, or draw attention on the good things they do. They don't have to prove anything to anyone. They are 'good birds'... that's all that matters. They make a difference in life... at unexpected times, to unexpected people'. Now... 'these are the birds of my feather'! :)))


  1. I hope I'm one of your feathered friends ;)

  2. Could I be the "oldest" bird of your feather that has been fluttering around? This bird has been there since childhood!!! I love being there for you ever since I met you! Love, Ms. Nancy