Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I Am So Sorry... 'Why'... I Haven't Been Online

I Am So Sorry...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I am sitting here at the public library once again... to write to you.  I thought my internet problems would have been over by now... not so.

I am in the process of waiting for a new mobile hotspot device to replace the defective one I have.  Sprint should have it here by Monday.

Now... since Saturday night, December 14th....  I've been on the phone with Sprint off and on.  We have our home internet service with them... plus, our cellphone service.  I've been told by each person that the Sprint tower located 3 miles from us was operating 'less than'... until it 'was down' completely... and I wouldn't have internet until approximately Tuesday (yesterday), at 2:00 pm.

Well, that didn't happen ... I called once again, and talked to someone very knowledgeable.  He made me an appointment at the Sprint store in Wake Forest... I took my mobile hotspot device (that provides me internet service) there... to find out that .... yes, indeed ... it had been my mobile hotspot device the 'whole time'!  It's defective, no good anymore.

Now... I'm in the waiting process to receive a new device on Monday.  I have very upset waiting so long to find out it was my device that was the problem the whole time.  I have went through countless 'tests', doing what every person at Sprint (when I called) told me to do.  If anyone needs 'an expert now'... call me.  I am joking.... :))) I don't know it all.  I am being facetious...

This is 'why' I haven't been writing  (I have been writing... I just couldn't go online to publish it).  I have tried to avoid going to our local library .... the keyboards, monitors aren't 'clean'... and I have to be careful... I don't want to get sick. When I do... it's possible to end up in the hospital.  I try to stay out of closed-in places, and crowds.

I may wait until Monday to get my device before getting back online... please understand why.  I'll know more each day what I will do.

Thank-you for understanding.  I have missed writing, being here every day so much.  I am so sorry...
(Needless to say... I will be checking, researching other ways to have internet... this has happened several times too many)....

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  1. Sad but true that Sprint is the 'worst' at providing good equipment from phones to internet. We left them a few years back but our daughters kept them and one g-son they have terrible service, missed/dropped calls, texting or getting voice mails may be days before they get them and my son in law swears when contract is up he is leaving their internet as he says "dial up is easier to get on when he had dial up. I just feel bad that you are unable to write when the muse strikes. Wishing you, skip and the babies a very Merry Christmas!