Monday, December 30, 2013

Throw That Dead Plant Out The Door...

Throw That Dead Plant Out The Door...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates

Potted plant with Christmas Spiders I made...

On my table sits a potted plant, all brown... withered
I hold onto it just in case... just in case it shows life

I watch, listen... look all through it with hope in my heart
Why?  Because the plant meant something to me, I want it to live

Should I throw that dead potted plant away?
I mean, it might revive itself from my love... begin growing again

Am I fooling myself, wishing for the impossible
Can one make a dead person come back alive ... with love?

Can I make this dead potted plant come back alive
Will my love, caring make it grow... it's dead, dead, dead

Letting go, throwing that dead potted plant out the door
Doesn't mean I hate it, never loved it... it's dead, it can't return my love

The plant isn't aware how much it means to me... it won't even show green for me
Brown, withered... nothing I can do will bring it alive

At first... I would see a sign of green to let me know it wanted to grow
Life came along ... affected me, plant and all

Until that potted plant just died sitting there on that table
Today... after trying to keep it all these years ... I throw it away

It doesn't mean I love it any less... I will love it always because of what it meant to me
Now... there's no place for it in my life... I'll do us both a favor

Throw it right out that door, never look back... because no matter how my heart hurts
That plant's not coming back alive... it has no heart... no roots; they died long ago

I won't keep beating a dead horse to make it come alive
I'll leave it in peace now... no more, no more ... this is it

Everyone can think what they will ... they will anyway
Think I never loved, or cared... it's what they don't know

Never will... what's been in my heart all these years
Never know the pain I've lived with... now, I'm old enough to know to... let go

Let go of what has been in my side all these years
I should have done it long ago... less heartache, less grief, pain

I didn't want to, I didn't want to let go
Throw that dead potted plant ... out the door
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  1. I had a potted plant once for about 6 years. It finally died. I kept it living that long because I use to collect rain water to water it with. City water I think does not help living plants/flowers because of the chemicals in it. I hated to throw out my potted plant simply because it was one I had gotten when my nephew was killed by a drunk driver. It broke my heart to toss it out but it was no longer any good---there was no need to keep it. Brought back sad memories so I had to let go of it. When it was living it reminded me of the good memories I had of my nephew but when it died---it brought sadness to me so I let it go. Love, Ms.Nancy