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I Notice One Strange Thing ... Since That Day

I Notice One Strange Thing ... Since That Day
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee... 2013

I sat in the old pickup truck, waiting.  Waiting for the tow truck to come.  I had to pee some kind of bad.  I wondered if I could cross the ditch on the side of the road I was parked on...

It was a wide ditch with dark water in it.  The water looked like... I didn't want to finish the sentence in my mind.  I was very tense... and having to pee didn't help.

I got out of the old pickup truck.  The grass was high around my feet.  I stepped on an old broken beer bottle.  Damn!  It almost cut my foot.  It did prick my toe where it was bare.  A fine time to have on sandals...

I looked across the ditch to the other side... there were trees I could go into, have privacy.  I had a bad feeling about this place.  I looked around me trying to see, sense why... I felt this way.

No... I'm not crossing that damn ditch just to go pee.  There could be an alligator, or something just as bad ... lying just beneath the surface waiting, watching... I'd pee myself, first.

I became aware of myself moving side to side, doing the pee dance. My legs tensed together trying to hold it.  I began doing the wiggle... Something's got to give... I can't hold it much longer.

I walked to the passenger's side of the pickup, opened the door ... I pulled my dress up, and pulled my panties down only ... just far enough....  Oh my God... the relief I felt.  I closed my eyes tightly as I relieved myself.

I heard a sound behind me, I had just begun to pull my dress down.  I froze as my skirt fell around my legs.  Oh, what is that noise?  I made myself begin to slowly... turn around.  I could hear the grass moving...

I held my breath hoping it wasn't something to hurt me.  I began praying.  Oh, God... please don't let it be something bad.  Please, please...  Please let me get home safely, I'll never be caught out alone again...

I felt a cold chill on my arms... I was breathing fast, shallow.  I turned completely around... I couldn't believe my eyes!

A midget stood there.  A little 3 foot midget stood there!  He had on a green cap, vest, pants and a yellow shirt.  I closed my eyes, opened them.  I know I'm not seeing this... I just know I'm not seeing this!

I was expecting an alligator, boa constrictor or something worse...  My mind couldn't comprehend... a midget?

I just stood there... I didn't know whether to laugh, or to run.  I was ... blank.  A midget?  Should I be afraid?  I didn't know what to do!

The midget and I stood staring each other in the eye.  I was ready to ... to ... to do whatever I needed to do.  Fight, run... laugh...

My expression had to be a sight to behold... a face twisted in a half-laugh, and a question mark.  I didn't know what in the hell to do!

I looked to his hands to see if he was carrying a bag of cookies... I saw they were empty.  I looked back to his face... he began grinning!

Now, I was faced with a three foot grinning midget!  I did have two feet on him in height.  I was measuring myself up to him... could I take that midget if I had to?

I know we stood there several minutes without anyone speaking.  I stood there with my expression of wanting to laugh, but... also, a question of 'who, what, where'?

I found my voice... I said, "do you have any cookies"?  That midget howled with laughter!  He fell to the ground with his little short legs kicking in the air.  He would not quit laughing.

This confused me more... I wanted to know if I needed to run, fight... or just relax, have a good time.  I watched the midget in amazement...

He stood up, brushed the grass, dirt off his clothes.  He began singing a song...  it sounded like this...

Hey, little girl... come follow me
Let's go up into that tree!

I don't have any cookies
I only have myself for you to keep

I need a loyal mate
I'll give you all the wishes you want to make

Hey, little girl... come follow me
Let's go up into that tree!

That midget held his hand out... waited for me to take it.  I stood there looking at him in disbelief.  He thought I'd just follow him like that.

I said back to him....

Hey, little midget... I don't have time for you
You don't have any cookies, I'm hungry

Further more, I bet you don't have no milk either
I'm thirsty... how do I know you'll let me have wishes

Wishes to make all I want to make
All I wish for ... is to be home in my bed, wide awake

I sat up in my bed in amazement, looked around me.  I looked around to be sure there wasn't a midget in my bedroom.  I began grinning, thinking it was a dream... until...

I saw a green vest, hat laying on my dressing table chair!  I searched the room over looking for that midget. I haven't seen that midget now... and it's been five years ago.

I notice one strange thing since that day... I always have to be careful... when I make a wish.

I wish, I wish for you... for me... the most wonderful, Happy New Year 2014!

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  1. I would have ran away screaming...LOL Great story Hope 2013 brings you comfort peace and strength!

  2. I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!

  3. I do like your imagination!! That is probably why you are such a great writer! I can write poems but don't think I am good at writing stories. Hopefully 2014 will be a great year for you! Love, Ms. Nancy