Wednesday, January 29, 2014

No Matter The Pain In Your Heart... Everything's Going To Be Alright

No Matter The Pain In Your Heart... Everything's Going To Be Alright

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee 

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee..........   2013

Tears unshed... pain unseen

A smile covers it all

Covers it all... like sunshine glowing

Look into her eyes, she won't let you see

What's really in her heart

She knows how to hide it all

Many years have taught her how

To say all the right things

Not show her pain, weakness

No one wants to know... anyway

They carry pain, heartache of their own

We each live in a different world... side by side

Only inches from each other... our worlds aren't the same

Her world is hell... his world is heaven

No one knows what the other goes through

Unless... someone tells; we don't because no one wants to know

Who wants to hear someone complain, cry

The ones who are quiet are the ones who are noticed

When things are real... people are quiet

People who protest too much... are the loudest

Usually... aren't the ones who really suffer

The quiet ones don't have to say anything

They know it doesn't change a thing

What made them sad... has to be accepted

You know the old sayings about if you can't change something

Learn acceptance... go forward, while letting go

You just as well laugh... as to cry

Smile the brightest... show no pain

Let the world see your sunshine smile

Let them see... somehow... everything really can be alright

Be a beacon, a lighthouse... near the ocean

Guiding ships to safety from the rocky shore

Comforting... everything's going to be alright

Sail your ship forward into the setting sun

With a smile on your face

No matter the pain in your heart... everything's going to be alright


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  1. I love your poems!! This one seems sad though. You do tell the truth in your poems. Love, Ms. Nancy