Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Tried To Weigh My ... Footprints Today

I Tried To Weigh My  ... Footprints ... Today
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee
(My Photo ... my Footprints :)))

Dusty ... I looked around, deciding to get the little duster I kept for removing dust off the furniture.

Dust was everywhere.  It was understandable as we live close to a busy, country highway.  Farm equipment, trucks ... traffic.

I dusted all off ... I was glad to have it done.  That's the one thing I 'hate' to do .... dust.  I am the type of person who wants all to 'stay just as I make it when I clean up ... clean, 'perfect'.  Of course, it doesn't.

I walked into the bathroom to wash my hands.  I was looking in the mirror at my hair ... when the thought came to me ... I'm going to weigh.  I should weigh more often, I thought.

I closed the door to get to the black, glass scale behind it.  I stopped just as I almost closed the door.  Amazing, I thought!

On the black glass scale was a perfect set of footprints!  Small footprints ... my footprints!  I stood there staring at them ... a silly thought came to mind.  How could I preserve them?  Who would I preserve them for?  I laughed to myself ... you only do that with a child's footprints.

The footprints were so perfect there in the dust ... on the black glass scale;  I didn't want to just dust them off ... I wanted to at least do something special with them.  I mean who ever gets to see perfect footprints left ... on the scale?

I decided ... I would weigh them.  I tapped my big toe on the edge of the scale to make it come on.  I watched the zeros ... waited to see how much my footprints weighed.  I can tell you firsthand ... my footprints didn't ... weigh anything!
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  1. And now you have a photo to keep forever ;)

  2. Never thought about saving adult footprints!! Does sound interesting doesn't it? I wonder if you put melted wax on the scale and let it dry to become like a hard plastic, would that work to preserve the footprints? Well, it was a thought! Love, Ms. Nancy