Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pain Isn't Always From Getting ... Old

Pain Isn't Always From Getting ... Old
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Photo of me as a younger woman ... I was strong, invincible ... and was going to 'save the world'....
Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Be careful of how you treat your body when young.  You are healthy, strong ... you can carry the whole world on your shoulders.  You are invincible.

When there's work to be done, something heavy to be moved, nobody else can do it ... you are the one to do it.  You treat your body like a workhorse.  You can do anything.

As you become older, you notice you feel a little stiffness in your body when you go to get up from a seated position.  In fact, getting out of bed might hurt ... at least a little.

You get a little more older ... you find out your joints hurt like hell.  Your knees are shot ... you have to get injections in them in order to walk ... make the pain go away.

You begin to get surgeries due to life-saving illnesses, or whatever reason.  Oh my, you really do hurt when you go to stand up, walk.  You body is full of ... pain.  It hurts, your whole body really hurts.

No, it's not because you are ... old.  It's from the wear and tear on your body.  You might not have taken care of your body through time.  You wish to have a second chance ... you'd know what not to do ... now.

You have to stop, see the humor in it.  I know that sounds strange, but ... think about it.  Think about all the surgeries you've had ... you are almost embarrassed to tell a doctor 'all' the things your body has been through.  You have scars to show it.

I smile thinking about all my body's been through.  It's not funny ... but, it's amazing when I think about it.  I smile thinking how happy I am to be here ... no matter the pain.  In my situation ... I have a love-hate relationship with pain.  To live ... I have to have pain ... I love to live.

Pain isn't always from getting ... old.  It's from all your body, mind has been through ... through time.  No, pain isn't always from getting ... old.

Photo/Story Credit:  Photo, story owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka &grannygee  

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  1. You are so right!!!!! Most of my pain is from getting older but I know some people are in pain because of health problems they have. Pain can be real mean to people no matter their age. I hope you have more good days than bad days with your pain. I wish I could take it away for you. Love, Ms. Nancy