Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's Just How It Affects ... Me

It's Just How It Affects ... Me
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Photo is of clean drinking glasses ... sparkling clean glasses that shine like diamonds!  I love to drink from them!  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee (Photo Credit is mine)...



A little girl's chubby hand stretches up to open the old kitchen cabinet door. She tried not to touch the cabinet ... it had stains on it; she didn't want to get anything on her.

The old kitchen cabinet was a dirty white ... but, so ... beautiful white when it was washed down. Now ... it was filthy. The glass windows were smudged where a blind man's hand would reach for a door.

Inside the cabinet were dishes, glasses. The little girl wanted a glass. She was thirsty ... her stomach was in her throat! She began panicking ... please don't let one get me!

She saw the bugs crawling around inside the cabinet. She was afraid ... every time! A bug would fall on her, down her sleeve or the neck of her dress! She would scream, cry ... jump up and down!

The glasses were hard to see through, had a funny smell. The little girl rinsed it out ... as well as she could. She tried to put 'just barely' her lips to the rim ... to drink

She stood there as an older woman ... looking into the warm, soapy suds. She used the sudsy sponge to wash her glasses until they were shining ... spotless. Not a smudge, stain was left on a glass. She held each by her fingertips, to put in the dish-drainer.

She held the last glass up to the light of the kitchen window ... smiled. It was so beautiful ... clean; just the way she liked them! She put it in the dish-drainer to dry naturally.

Glasses ... shiny, clean glasses without smudges, stains ... were like diamonds. Hold them up to the light ... they would sparkle with their own light!

I love clean glasses to drink from ... I love to hold them to the light to see the sparkle ... I, also, do that with my rings. I want my glasses as shiny as the diamonds in them. Drinking from a dirty glass as a child ... 'did something to me'.

If I see someone drinking from a glass with greasy hands, leaving smudges on their glass ... I have to look away. I am always so careful to not get anything on my glass, when drinking.

Sometimes, I see people get food on the rim, or inside their glasses. I can't help it ... it bothers me. Yes, I know we all aren't perfect ... I honestly ... am so far from perfect ... it's pathetic. It's just how it affects me.

Photo Credit/Story Credit ... both are owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka #Granny Gee

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  1. I can understand about washing the glasses until they sparkle! No one wants to drink out of a dirty glass if they can have a clean one. Sometimes as young children, we have to do the best we can with what we have (had). I am sure your Grandma Alma and George appreciated what you could do to help them have clean things in their house. Love, Ms. Nancy