Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I Got His Message ... Left Him Alone!

I Got His Message ... Left Him Alone!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

(This is Kissy Fairchild, our Rottie now ... and Chadwick Elsworth, our perfectly-mixed Pup.  We have three Pups ... Camie isn't in this photo) ...


Many years ago, I did something really wild, crazy. All in the name of ... trimming the nails of an ... unwillingly Rottweiler.

He was the first Rottweiler I ever had. I trimmed his nail from a pup up until he was an adult. I had to begin bribing him with vanilla wafers as time went by.

It worked for a long time ... I could trim his nails quickly before he finished them. Well ... the day came that he didn't want his nails trimmed, anymore ....

He would growl at me ... it intimidated me! He was big enough to back it up ... he wasn't any long a baby. I tried bribing him with the ... whole box of vanilla wafers. It only worked for several nails ... I never got the rest of them, so ......................

I began thinking of ways to trim his nails ... without him being able to bite me. I came up with a wonderful idea ... or so, I thought!

I took a sheet, cut out four holes in it for his legs. I knew his tail, head .... would be fine the way the sheet would come up around him. I found a rope to tie to the corners of the sheet (all corners together, and rope tied tightly around them).

I asked my son, Tommy .... and brother ... to help me 'hoist' my Rottweiler into the air from a rafter above, in an unfinished room.

They did, and I went to clip his nails ... I heard the most ferocious growl I'd ever heard from him. It intimidated me so much, that I told them to let him down!

Once he was down, he began wagging his little nub ... and was happy! I was, too ... because I felt that growl go through my body; it scared me!

I tried it once after that, with the old vanilla wafer trick ... he put his big mouth on my wrist, held it firmly ... looked me in the eyes! I got his message ... I left him alone.


Photo, story owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka #Granny Gee &grannygee

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  1. Wow!! That had to be scary! I have heard of dogs sometimes turning on their master. I hope and pray that never happens to you. I know Vets can be expensive but I think I would rather pay a Vet to cut his nails than to take a chance on the dog turning on me.Just my opinion. Maybe I think that way because I have been biten by 2 different dogs at 2 different times. Love, Ms. Nancy