Wednesday, October 22, 2014

SPIDER! and Classical Music ...

SPIDER! and Classical Music ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Our huge, sweet Rottie ... Kissy Fairchild

Kissy Fairchild, Precious Camie and ... Skip. 

Sweet Chadwick Elsworth ...

Precious Camie ... Kissy Fairchild.  What you see above is ... my whole world.  I cherish them with my very Heart ... Skip, and our Pups!

This is a laughing Granny Gee ... all hell broke loose, and she was on it like a mother lion ... until .... Gloria Faye Brown Bates ( sometimes, we do things we don't have to do ... our minds play tricks on us ... we go in survival mode ... and we win the battles ... we must ... win!)


Oh my! My heart is still beating fast! Wow! Gracious! I had such a scare this morning! I thought Kissy, our big sweet Rottie ... was in danger of being attacked by a ... giant spider! Excuse me, while I take a big breath ... I went into 'warrior-mother lion' mode! I began to battle, only to find ....

First, let me tell you, that at this very moment ... I have soft, classical music playing to calm my heart ... my soul. I have been through 'something else' this morning ... before daylight!

I want you to know that I will 'fight a bear' to save any one of our three Pups! You will see in just a moment what I will do! They are my babies ... and my world. So, is Skip ... and I would fight to save him from danger, also! He just happened to be outside the chain-link fence, sitting in his pickup ... ready to drive off.

I was talking to him, saying goodbye ...when I locked the gate. I could see good ... between the night light, and porch light. So, when I stepped backwards, our Kissy Fairchild Pup walked up to me. I was telling Skip 'bye' before he closed the door to his pickup.

When all of a sudden ... I spotted something on the ground! My heart almost stopped! It was standing beneath Kissy! It was a spider as big as my hand! My hands aren't big ... but, when a spider is as big as them ... that's just too much. This was the biggest spider I'd ever seen!

It looked like the spider online, when I was on the computer, yesterday! I didn't realize there really are spiders as 'big as a puppy'! This spider was almost that big!

I stood for a moment ... until Kissy began to walk. No! I screamed. No!

I grabbed him, threw him aside ... and began stomping that spider! I mean I really ... killed him. I kept on killing him ... until he was so dead ... he couldn't come back alive.

When I stopped killing the spider ... I heard Skip talking, asking what was wrong ... what was wrong?! I told him I had just killed a spider as big as a puppy!

He was ready to get out of the pickup, until ... until I moved, my shadow moved ... and I looked down!

That spider was so flat on the ground ... with those scary long legs! That's what drew my attention in the first place ... the huge body ... the long legs sticking out from it!

I leaned down cautiously to look at it more closely ... when I felt like the biggest ... fool ... there ever was!

It wasn't a spider at all ... my senses had begun coming back to me ... I thought if that had been a spider that big ... then, I needed to call someone. We don't have spiders that big in the USA!

There, on the ground ... flat as a pancake was ... a big ... clump of ... grass ... with all these blades of grass sticking out ... like spider legs!

I looked up at Skip ... he said "what"? I felt sheepish as I said, "that ain't no spider! That's just grass"!

Did you know ... he began laughing at me! We said our goodbyes, and the Pups, and I came into the house. I turned the soft, calm, classical music on to settle my heart ... it's still beating fast!

Thus, this morning before daylight, was about ... the spider, and classical music! (I'm still trying to calm down ... heck, I was fighting a real battle in my mind ... I was protecting my Pup!)


Photo/story credit are owned by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee &grannygee (I am still taking deep breaths!)

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  1. Ha! I am glad I am not the only person that does things like that! Love, Ms Nancy