Saturday, February 28, 2015

Just Because I'm Older ... Doesn't Mean I've Forgotten How To Dance!

Photos of a younger Granny Gee who could really dance; and an older Granny Gee who hasn't forgotten ... and still do a few of the moves :)  Artwork by me in bottom photo ... all owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee ...

Mm-mmmm, I can still do that! I used to be a 'good' dancer! Just because I'm older ... doesn't mean my body forgot how to dance! It doesn't mean that ... I can't dance, anymore.

Okay, okay ... so, it hurts more, since this body has become older. I know sometimes, if I try to dance ... my body gets stuck in a strange position. It hurts like ... heck. Really.

I've had so much surgery ... that things 'feel' much different. I watch little videos on the computer ... of senior citizens doing 'remarkable' things. I think ... 'why, I can do that'!

You hear of senior citizens defending themselves ... shocking the heck out of their attackers! We all love that. Just because someone is 'old' ... doesn't necessarily mean they are weak, senile ... helpless.

Sure, they need help doing something, at times. Think about it ... if you were thrust into a life-threatening situation ... you would become stronger, quicker ... fight to the death, if needed. I know I would. No matter how old, weak I had become ... I would do something 'remarkable', if possible.  Older people don't ... forget.

I'm a little older, little fatter ... have some gray in my hair (I have it covered up ... so, nobody can 'see that I got older :). Having saying this ... doesn't mean I've forgotten how to dance!

I might look like a little, fat butterball with legs ... but, I promise you ... I haven't forgotten how to dance. :)

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  1. Ahhh!!! I remember the days when we use to dance! Like you----I haven't forgotten how and still can dance. You are right again! It does hurt some places when I dance---but still can. These are just one of the beautiful memories I have back when we were younger. Love, Ms. Nancy