Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Excerpt from Book 2 ... The Saga of Victoria Fairchild by Gloria Faye Brown Bates

Excerpt from Book 2    ... The Saga of Victoria Fairchild by Gloria Faye Brown Bates
From time to time I will put a 'taste of what is coming' in the new book I'm presently writing).


When She's Good ... She's Good is my short story introduction to my main character, Victoria Fairchild.  Victoria Fairchild will walk where the devil won't go ... she has unusual talents.  She's a good person, but ... she's mean enough to take care of business.  We all need people like Victoria.  Don't let her catch you harming others, children, animals, elderly ... homeless.

Excerpt from my second book (I'm still writing) ... The Saga of Victoria Fairchild
Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee ...

He walked into the ocean. Warm waves of salt water washed around his body. He closed his eyes, savored the sensation . Pure pleasure.

He didn't want to forget why he had come here ... he reached to the secret pocket inside his swimming shorts. He walked 100 feet out into the water.

All the while he listened to children laughing, screaming as the waves played with them. Waves were a never-ending babysitter. Children stayed close to them.

He held something in his hand ... clear vial with a red liquid inside. He opened it ... began letting the contents flow out into the water as he walked back to shore.

He smiled an evil smile ... he walked to his towel on the beach, sit down. He laid back on his pillow after adjusting the umbrella.

He'd just started the show ... he was waiting for the actors to step out on stage. He heard it ... the first scream indicating all hell had broke loose. Shark!

Note by this Author: I will begin putting excerpts from my new book here from time to time. I am writing the scariest book I've ever read ... scariest movie I've ever seen. Sick people ... sick situations.

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  1. I love it!!!!!! I can't wait till you finish the book so I can read it! I wish I were half as talented as you are! Love, Ms. Nancy