Friday, February 5, 2016

Little Girl in Older Woman's Body ...

Little Girl in Older Woman's Body ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny at Twitter

I saw you in the distance
I cried out for you
You didn't hear me

Mama!  Mama, please don't leave me!
I ran hard as I could to catch up with her
No matter how hard I ran ... I never did

A little girl left all alone to fend for herself
In a world of pure torment ... turmoil
In a house that sat ... guarded the portal of Hell

A little girl who knew only cleanliness
Pretty dresses, good things to eat ... love
Had a little brother she adored

Where did he go?  Where did Mama go?
The little girl cried herself to sleep
When she woke up ... it was to loud fighting

Fighting with words, fists ... bloodshed
I'll teach you to mess with me, you bitch!
Fists pounding on flesh, big thump of a body hitting the floor

Heart pounding in her little chest
The little girl hid beneath the covers on the bed
Weeping came from the other room

This was the first of many fights she would see
Sometimes, she'd be the one knocked around
She wasn't the only child ... there were more

Their Mamas went away to ... to come back another day
Leaving their children behind to the mercies of the world
Leaving them in a place called ... Hell

Where there were demons, and evil spirits lurking
Hiding in people she loved ... she saw them peep out
Anger would turn them into a devil, possessed

Gnashing of teeth, screaming ... crying
Never any happiness ... only sorrow
A fight each day ... someone being hurt

Blood spotted the old, wooden floor
The little girl got to her knees to look closely
She couldn't believe the spots were blood ... but, they were

Blood beaten out of someone to splatter on the floor
Curses lingered in the very air ... so potent ... evil
Hell's arena ... waiting for its next victim

Mama! Mama, where are you ... please come back
Take me from this scary world ... I'm afraid
Mama didn't come back ... the little girl stayed afraid

The little girl stayed afraid ... without knowing
She began at her young age to build strength
Strength ... that she would need when she became older

Without knowing ... she would travel many painful roads
Without knowing ... she became stronger
Without knowing ... she would be facing the unthinkable

The little girl grew up scarred to her soul
Yet ... she survived it all with strength she didn't know she had
Today that little girl still lives in an older body

Older body of an older woman who remembers
Who looks back at a little girl who was sweet, loving
Mistreated, abused in many ways  ... the older woman smiles

She smiles a sadly, thinking ... my, my ... I've come a long ways
I'm fortunate to still be here ... a little girl in an older woman's body
Strength I didn't know I had ... has made me a survivor

A survivor of many things ... too many to count
I've made it to be ... old
Next thing you know ... it'll be time to die

A little girl in an older woman's body
Taking her last breath ... as a child
Going to her maker ... weak as a newborn baby

To be made new ... an angel now
To come back to watch over you
As you gain strength you didn't know you had

Good can come from bad things
It doesn't seem like it could
It can .... and it will all in time

Life is good ... sadly, it can be bad ... too
We have to make the very best of all we go through
Lead the way for others ... show them they can survive

After all, that's what life is truly about
Love, caring ... being strong when others are weak
With the strength you never knew you had ... until you needed it

Author's Note:

Poem/photo written, owned by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.  I am that little girl.

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  1. I remember hearing all that yelling next door. You are so special to have grown up to be the good person you are. Love, Ms. Nancy