Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Congestive Heart Failure ... Heart Catheterization ... Groin Bleed

Once again ... I almost lost my whole world. I'm so thankful I didn't. Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Before daylight, yesterday morning before daylight (March 14, 2016) ... I had to get Skip to the Emergency Room.  I drove almost 40 miles to get there.  Our local hospital only 4 miles from where we live ... is closed.

Skip went into congestive heart failure.  They got almost 4 liters of fluid.  He was literally 'drowning' in his own fluids.  He had difficulty breathing.  It was a good thing I got him to the hospital.

Today, Skip had a heart catheterization ... unexpectedly, they put a stent in his heart.  Not only that ... when he was brought back to his room ... a special nurse came in to pull the shaft out of the 'hole' where they did the procedure.
He had a groin bleed!

Below is what I wrote on my Facebook page when I updated everyone, thanked them for all the special prayers sent our way.  I copied, pasted it instead of trying to write it all again.  Below is all about what happened today:

March 15, 2016 ... Tuesday:

Today when Skip had his heart catheterization ... they had to put a stent in.

When they brought him back to the room, they waited a while and called a special nurse to come 'pull the shaft' out of the hole made for the heart catheterization.

Skip had a groin bleed. His skin began swelling ... blood underneath the skin. This normally doesn't happen. It was awful ... three nurses began putting pressure on his groin ... the pain was unbearable. Skip was almost screaming, his mouth turned white. His nurse gave him morphine to help the pain ... he still felt the pain.

The nurses kept the pressure on his groin, pressing very hard with their hands ... for 20 minutes. Then ... they put a device on his groin to keep pressure on the hole. After an hour, they released the device ... but, it's still in place ... 'just in case', and they wouldn't have to scramble putting it on him.

He has a good nurse who has been in his room all day ... she only went out for minutes at a time. She monitored him all day, and was still there when I left this evening.

Skip can't get up or move until 7:00 pm tonight. He has been through so much pain, and it was so scary when all that was going on. I stayed by his side touching him, speaking softly to him ... he was in agony for so long. His blood pressure kept going so high, then it would drop. What a roller coaster.

If the bleeding didn't stop ... a person can 'bleed out' in 7 minutes. This is one of those things 'that can go wrong'.

I was so glad when Skip got better. I stayed calm the whole time, but in my mind ... it was another story. I was so afraid. Gracious! I want to cry now, thinking about it. 

smile emoticon
I know all the prayers that all of you sent ... made all the difference. Thank you from my Heart. It means the world to me.

It is possible ... Skip can come home tomorrow. I just hope he has a good night. I looked at the clock, he'll be able to sit up in 30 minutes smile emoticon Goodnight, everyone heart emoticon I send love to all of you, and I'm grateful for all of your caring.

Someone bought gas for me today, it meant the world to me. I don't know if they'll see this here ... I was on empty not knowing what to do. I can't tell you how much it meant. I didn't have to ask, they just did it. Thank you from my very Heart heart emoticon


  1. I will be praying for you dear. take good care of Skip and yourself.

  2. Gloria, my heart goes out to you. You are going through so much! I am thinking of you as are many others.