Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Daydream In A Dewdrop...

Just A Doodle By Gloria... 2013 GBB

Daydream In A Dewdrop...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I looked into the dewdrop my mind entered
To walk around in the clear view I could see
From outside, as I held the flower it was on

I was curious as to what I would see in there
When I looked into the dewdrop, I had no clue
I didn't see anything to draw me in

Soft laughter was coming from my right
I turned my mind, I wondered who it could be
What was making such a happy sound

My mind wandered to the pretty, green trees
I followed a path lined with exotic flowers of all kinds
The laughter sounded nearer, I couldn't wait to see

Soon, I could see the sun reflecting on water ahead
I saw rocks sitting in a stream, water rushing around them
Caressing, shaping them through time

I turned my mind to the right, I heard a little squeal
Of delight, happiness, pure joy
I wondered what it could be to cause such a happy sound

My mind went closer, saw a pretty girl sitting on a rock
She dangled her feet into the water, as she did
Water rushed by, splashing onto her dress, her face

She didn't seem to mind, she sat there with her eyes closed
How peaceful she seemed as she sat there
Her pretty face held a contented smile

My mind looked closer at her, she seemed so familiar
As she opened her eyes to look at this mind of mine
We connected... it was myself sitting there in a daydream!

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