Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just Walk All Over Me, I Don't Mind As Long As You Are Sweet About It!

'Just A Doodle For You' by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Just Walk All Over Me, I Don't Mind As Long As You Are Sweet About It!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Today, we went to Sam's Club to buy cheese, milk, salad makings, and chews for our Pups.  I love to go to Sam's Club, Skip loves to go to Sam's Club.

We love the idea of seeing things you don't see always in a regular grocery store.  Everything is 'good quality' at a reasonable price.

Skip checked out the tires in the garage there.  Soon, he is going to need to replace tires on his pickup truck.  Later, we went by Walmart to compare... seems Skip is going to be buying them from ... Walmart.  :)))  I didn't think to ask him why he decided there.

I noticed the prices on some things have been steadily going up... for example, we buy sliced American cheese for sandwich making.  Over the months, I know there has been a rise in price on this particular cheese of several dollars.  That's scary...

I think about young families who have several little children to feed.  I worry for them, I worry about the price of gas, groceries, utilities, and rent, everything going up... everything going up but, their pay checks.

I am always thinking about young families... they are making car payments, furniture payments along with all I've named.  How in the world do they do it?

We stopped at the tasting booths all along our walk in Sam's Club.  I like to do this ... I always hope there's something I will taste to know that 'I have to have it'... and can't leave Sam's Club without it.  I didn't find any such thing today.

I do know this... there are a lot of rude people.  Strangely enough there was this huge foreign guy there.... 'everywhere I was ... somehow, he'd be in the same area.  You know what I mean's like maybe God puts an obstacle in my path to see what I will do.

Today, I did good... I didn't get upset at this big man.  I did stop to look at him... good.  I didn't say a word to him.  I don't usually, unless it's 'just too much.'

He, with his big self, somehow kept getting in my way.  He made me bump into him several times... it seemed he would just place himself in my path deliberately.  I don't think that was the case because, I wasn't the only one.

I saw this huge man walk almost over a family 'like they weren't there.'  He would smile a kind smile, mumble something that sounded like an apology... and 'kindly' do it again.  I think that's 'why' I didn't stop him, say something to him.  

He 'was just too kind' when he kept getting in my way... he smiled the kindest smile, so sweet.  How could I hurt his feelings.... maybe he had a people problem, one that caused him to have to 'walk on people.'

I just pictured him in my mind .... six foot or more tall, heavy weight, black hair, black eyes, tanned skin... big hips for a man.... and the sweetest, kindest eyes... and smile.  He looked like he was from the mid-East.  He was dressed in a crisp, white dress shirt with black dress pants, and black patent leather shoes.

I think of the one instance I was walking toward something... it seemed he chose that very moment to walk into my path, to make me collide with him.  I didn't like that at all, but, I found myself smiling at him, when he smiled... mumbled something.  Now 'why' didn't I say something to him?

After we paid for our things, we walked straight across from the cash registers to order pizza.  I went ahead to get a table while Skip ordered.  I sat there, and did one of my favorite things... I began to 'people watch.'

Oh my, that big man came into the eating area, and stumbled over a mother, and her two little girls who were sitting at a table close by.  He began smiling once again, mumbled something that sounded like an apology.  The mother ... smiled back.  I just sat there watching... I wasn't the only one to smile back when being 'walked on.'

I've thought about this man all evening ... I'm sure he didn't mean to walk on people, and he was apologizing as he went his way.  But... really how do I know if he wasn't doing it on purpose?  How do I know he was 'apologizing?'  He could have been saying anything... he spoke in a different language.

Maybe ... he was experimenting with everyone to see their reactions.  How do I know?  You know how when out in public, you sometimes, see someone who keeps getting your attention like he got mine.  I began trying to figure him out, my mind trying to make up stories about his life, him.

He could have been getting huge laughs out of stepping on short people... putting on his face a big, huge, wonderful, sweet smile... and 'mumbling' in a sweet voice words that those short people (like me!) couldn't understand.  He may have went home, laughing his ...... off at 'our' reactions.  Maybe he liked to do that, just as I like to ..people watch.

Anyway, he seemed to be the 'center of focus' in my mind today, while at Sam's Club.... I think he was placed in my path to try my patience... something sadly, I don't have a lot of!  Skip is the one who has patience ... I'm quicker to lose it... though, I really try not to.  I told you, I'm not perfect at all ... but, really... I do try to be good.

Today, I know what prevented me from slipping up, losing my temper.  It was that big, huge, wonderful, sweet smile ... mumbling in a sweet voice I couldn't understand.  It was like ... 'just walk all over me, I don't mind as long as you are sweet about it!'  :)))


  1. I think he was doing it on purpose. You don't accidentally walk into so many people. I bet he was doing it and not apologizing at all he was actually saying you f..... idiot I can walk all over you and you don't do anything (I don't mean to you, I mean to everyone) I would have liked to see his reaction if someone had challenged him, I bet there wouldn't be a sweet smile then. I also think he would have spoken perfect english. I like you am a people watcher and have seen many rude people like him

  2. Replies
    1. I was sitting here at my computer, laughing at your comment! I get so tickled at things you say! Skip walked by, began smiling at me... he loves it when I begin smiling! I told him what you said to make me laugh! Love, Gloria

  3. I don't think it was an accident at all! There is no telling what he was saying. He may have been like a guy I use to see when I went out sometimes. Another person told me this man "bumped" into people he liked and wanted to have something to do with them (if you know what I mean). Just be careful when you are out and people start bumping into you. They may be making a "pass" at you! Love, Ms. Nancy

    1. Hi Ms Nancy, I will be careful. Skip was interested when I told him what happened. He said the man may not have been in his right mind. :))) Love, Gloria

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