Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No One Must Know Who I Am

No One Must Know Who I Am...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Under the cover of darkness I made my way
To a secret doorway to another world
Another world that is Hell

Where the weak are preyed upon by the strong
Either robbed, raped, or killed
Living in this world it is just... a matter of time

Where are the dead people buried
I've never heard, nor seen
Where the dead are taken from this world

I see people standing in the distance
Around a metal can with a burning fire
I see flames dancing up to the sky

Someone just stirred that fire to make it blaze
To give extra warmth to ward off the cold
Let me place my hands there for a moment

I joined the crowd at the fire
Held my hands out to warm
I'm here on a mission, no one must know

I have joined these people, I'm one of their own
I live two lives, they must not know
I have a secret doorway I travel between two worlds

I make dreams come true, miracles happen
For now, I am homeless, but, I see
I watch, listen, wait to 'know'... soon I'll be gone

I'll slip out that doorway back to riches in my world
For I am a millionaire in my real life
I visit the homeless, stay for a time, go back to make a miracle happen

No one knows who I am, I live with two closets
One with the world's finest clothes
The second with the most pitiful of wardrobes

I listen to a child who wishes for a real bed
Not knowing what a real bed feels like
She says it must feel like a cotton cloud

I'll make sure that child gets her bed
She doesn't know it yet
She'll have a new bed, home by the end of the month

I stay in Hell long enough to know
Just who I want to rescue from this world
To bring out my secret doorway, to a new life

Let me go now, to do my work
Make the most of my stay here
Soon, I will make a miracle come true

No one must know who I am
I'm like the wind you don't see cooling your skin
I'm invisible, but.. I'm there

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  1. That was beautiful! I have heard of people living 2 lives. Some do good for others and some don't. I do believe this person you are talking about does good for others. I like that! Love, Ms. Nancy