Sunday, July 12, 2015

No Longer a Part of This Life ...

No Longer a Part of This Life ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/aka @GeeGranny on Twitter

She stood watching from a safe distance
As the big, black birds gathered, danced around

What was she thinking as she watched her baby
Being taken away, piece by piece ... peck by peck

Swallowed into stomachs of the big, black birds
I felt grief for her ... she is bound to feel pain

Someone hit her little baby, a fawn with white spots
It lay on the hot, hot road

Its little soft, brown eyes stared into the blue sky above
No pain ... thankfully it never knew what happened

The big, black birds were only doing what they always do
Whether we like it or not ... it's the way of life

Animals die every day ... by accident or careless drivers
The big, black birds come to eat ... to survive

They come, never knowing they are cleaning up death
Never knowing they are helping man

In a short time, the little fawn's body was gone
Leaving only a tiny bit of fur, flesh on the road

She turned ... walked into the forest alone
She didn't have a baby any more

Heart breaking, I turned my head ... grief, pain in my Heart
I had seen this mother and her fawn several times

Saying little prayers asking protection for them
Sometimes, for whatever reason our prayers aren't answered

Big, black birds came to feed
Doing only what they always do

They aren't aware of pain associated with death
Big, black birds eat to survive ... it's part of the food chain

I drove up the road ... thoughts of the mother doe in my mind
Thoughts of the big, black birds and the food chain of life

Mother doe standing there ... watching big, black birds
Helpless to stop Mother Nature ...

Life is beautiful as well as ugly
You can't have one without the other

Big, black birds flew into the sky, stomachs full
Baby fawn no longer a part of this life

Note by this Author:

The little fawn with white spots died just a short ways from where we live.  It broke my Heart ... did someone hit it by accident, or did they deliberately hit it ... were they driving too fast?

None of these questions will be answered.  Doesn't matter now.  The mother doe is in the woods somewhere ... she doesn't have a child any more.  I understand ... I don't have a child any more.  Isn't life so sad ... as well, as so happy, wonderful?

Tears fall from my eyes as I write this ... my Heart is full of pain over a tiny little forest creature no one is aware of.  It's little body disappeared ... that fast ... big black birds came to eat in death what couldn't be eaten in life.  It's the way it is.  Life and Death and the food chain.

I'm not sure you could describe that as ugly.  The big black birds were only doing what they were born to do.  It's just a part of life no one talks about, tries not to see.

If we eat our steaks, chicken, pork ... are we being ugly?  Or is this just a part of life ... a part of the food chain?  It's just the way life is ... you nor I ... can change it.  We walk around with food from death ... in our stomaches just like ... the black birds who came to eat.

I truly wish I'd never been brought up to eat meat from animals.  I can't bear the thoughts of animals being slaughtered to give me food.  No matter ... it's a part of our food chain.

Photos/poem/note are written/owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

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  1. That is sad that animals have to die so we can eat. Then again-----that was God's plan. It is natural for us to eat meat. It has different nutruients in it for us. In fact, my mother's Dr told her last week to eat more red meat. Personally I love red meat. It does have some draw backs though. It is not good for people that have high cholesterol. Love, Ms. Nancy