Wednesday, August 12, 2015

It Was I ...

It Was I ...
By #Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

I could hear the arguing before I moved in close to see what was happening.  Under the night light I could see a big, overgrown boy ... really a man ... bullying a young, thin boy.

I cocked my head to my right shoulder.  This would bear watching.  I had no tolerance for bullies.  None at all.

Listening closely, eyes half closed ... I caught the gist of their conversation.  The big guy was threatening the young boy.  He would cut his head off, throw his body into the deep ditch close by.

The young boy was terrified.  His voice shook as he tried to make the big guy understand ... he had no money on him.  See?  He pulled his empty pockets out toward the bully.

I held my head up to watch with interest to what happened next.  The bully stood there.  Oh, he was angry.  He grabbed the little guy up, slung him against the nearby brick wall.  You little son of a b__!

The little guy began to moan.  He tried to lift himself from the ground.  He couldn't.  All his wind had been knocked out of him.  I began to move closer ... no one knew I was there.  It wouldn't have mattered anyway.

The big guy lifted his big boot up to stomp the poor guy into the ground.  The little guy sobbed, he knew he wasn't any match against the bully.  He was going to die this very moment, never see his mama again.  He closed his eyes.

The boot began to come down hard ... before it made contact ... the bully fell to the ground.  He began wiping blood from the back of his head.  He looked around with dazed eyes to see what had hit him.  He'd kill the son of a b___ who did this!

I grinned.  I loved this part.  Normally I would have never given him a second chance.  Besides, the bastard needed to feel the pain, fear he'd been causing to others for some time.  I wanted him to hurt, bleed.  Oh the things I'd been hearing.  The only thing ... was he'd never get the chance to change, learn from his lesson.

The bully stood up, he wanted to kick someone's ass.  He couldn't see anyone.  What had hit him in the back of the head?  Blood soaked the back of his tee shirt.  It felt cold in the night air.

He began cursing.  Come out you mother f____!  Chicken s___ son of a b___!  Damn coward!

I looked toward the little guy.  He sat on the ground, he never ran away when he had the chance.  He was like a deer in headlights ... he couldn't move.

I slipped around in the darkness to be closer to him.  I knew the bully would get his attention on him once he couldn't find, see what had struck him from the darkness.   I stayed inside the shadows, kept the steel sword hidden inside my black cloak.  I didn't want light to glint off it.

The bully's attention was drawn to the boy sitting on the ground.  I watched as the bully came toward the boy.  Just try touching this child, I thought.  I smiled ... it never reached my eyes.  My hand tightened on the sword hidden beneath my cloak.

You little son of a b__!  Get the f___ up!  I'm going to crush you into kingdom come!  The boy drew nearer to the brick wall, using his feet to push his butt along the ground.  He wasn't going to stand up.

Ah-hhhhhhhhhhh!  My man!  The boy was situated just right for me to protect him.  I wanted the bully to take a few more steps ... I was tired of this.  I didn't want to play with him anymore.  He didn't deserve to see how anything felt.

The boy was sobbing, his hand in his mouth.  Neither could see me ... I stood not more than 3 feet from them.  I was the darkness ... the killing kind.  No one ever saw, heard me coming.  No one saw me unless I wanted them to.  I saw no need for anyone to see me now.

The bully went in for the kill ... he began hitting the child in the head.  He jerked the little body from the ground when ... he straightened up, back arched.  His hand reached behind him for his back.

His hand was bloodied.  I knew he was in pain.  My sword struck him in the fleshy part of his side.  I didn't let it go deep ... not just yet.  Now, the bully was mad.

Gutteral sounds was coming from his mouth ... this was one mad mother f____!  This time nothing would stop him from killing the child.  I smiled ...

As he grabbed the young boy up once again ... the bully's head fell from his shoulders onto the ground.  His hands gradually let go of the boy.  This time the little boy fled.  He was out of sight in only a moment.

I could see the head laying nearby.  It was a few feet from its body.  The eyes were staring toward me ... I stepped out into the night light ... it didn't matter, his eyes couldn't see me now.

I enjoyed the night light for a moment before entering the darkness.  Darkness was safety ... it was time for me to spread around making shadows darker with my presence.  You won't know I'm there as I watch over you ... protect you.

In the blink of an eye I can strike to save a life.  Look at the darkness around you ... have you been saved from something, you know not what?  It was I.

Note by this Author:

Photo/short, fiction (thriller) story owned/written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

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  1. You still amaze me at writing! You know I am jealous right???? Maybe you can help me write one day. Love, Ms. Nancy