Wednesday, November 2, 2011

HappyColors and Granny Gee..... That's Me!

November o2, 2011..... Today I begin a blog... something I've never done before.  I will learn as I go.  I love happy colors in my life... I love drawing and painting and beading with happy-colored paints and markers, color pencils and beads.  Life is color to me.  If I could name myself it would be HappyColors!  'Colors' in my life are also, the stories in my life.

I am Taban's Granny Gee... a special name my son gave me for his son, Taban, when he was
born.  My son, Tommy, died on May 29, 2010 when Taban was 3 years old.  It was a weekend
meant to be relaxing and happy and for Tommy to share Taban's first time playing at the ocean. 

Tommy and Taban were running and playing, squealing and laughing in the sand.  They were having a wonderful time.  I know that while he was playing with Taban he had a smile on his face and laughter in his heart and was in the beautiful, golden sunshine feeling the ocean breeze and smelling the ocean.  He was hearing the wonderful laughter and squeals of happiness from his small son.... I feel like he walked into heaven from there with a smile on his face.  I can see his smile now.

Tommy was 40 years old and had two blockages in his heart that no one was aware of.  I've never known such grief in my life as the evening I was told my son died.  All the happy colors in my life faded to ....nothing and inside... I died.  It was the worst thing in my life.  This was
May 29, 2010.

I have come so far in the past months.... Skip, my husband, and our pups Kissy Fairchild and Chadwick Elsworth make my life special and have been there for me.  We have moved to a nice, cosy home and I am around people each day now.  I've begun drawing and painting and creating in my artroom again and... I feel colors again and they are more beautiful than ever.

I create dragonflys by drawing them or in wire wrapping and beads in many colors... just whatever I 'feel'.  This is in remembrance of my son, Tommy.  He was born November 20, 1969 and died May 29, 2010.  He was my only child and I truly loved him with my very heart.

This is the beginning of HappyColors and Granny Gee... That's Me!  Gloria

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