Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Looking Forward to Thanksgiving Day...

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving Day.  I'll be sharing it with Skip and Sweet Chadwick and Kissy Fairchild, our two pups.  We are going to eat out for Thanksgiving since we don't have Tommy now.  I am looking forward this year ... last year Tommy wasn't here and we were in a state of grieving.  We
have went through many changes since then, and we are on the path of  'it still hurts so much but, we are going forward to live life to its fullest'.  One can choose to simply give up or to go on... I chose the latter.  At first, I was too fragile and could have simply given up so easily and truthfully, I almost 'let go'... but, I've always been a fighter since a little girl just to survive all the things that have happened in my life... so, that fight kicked in when even I wasn't aware that it did.  I'm glad now... I have my husband and pups and they are my world.  I really do have so, so much to be thankful for... I am very
thankful for all in my life.  Not just for Thanksgiving but, for everyday.  :)))))

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  1. I love your tenacity! Guess that is way I love you. :) pdub