Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My brothers....

I've been thinking about my brothers, William and David, for the past several days.  We are all so distant though I know we all know we love each other very, very much.  It's the way we've all grown up away from each other as children that has made an invisible wall between us all.  Sad.. but, true.  It hurts me alot because no matter how through the years I've tried to become close... it never works.  At first, it'll seem so nice but, our bonds aren't strong enough to support it.  It doesn't take away from the love and caring though.  Really... life has been so sad in alot of respects... but, it goes on and somehow all is still okay.  I love you, William Ernest and I love you, David.  We've all had the strangest upbringing and it isn't anyone's fault... it's just how our life was.  I also, know you both love me in your own ways... and that makes all okay.

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