Friday, December 7, 2012

My Granny Gee Smile! :)))

December 04, 2012....

My Granny Gee Smile!  :)))

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I heard a little, sweet voice say over the phone
Granny Gee, I love you, I love you the most
Was it wishful thinking, was it a dream?

I listened closely to try to catch every word
I didn't want to miss a thing
Taban had to say... was this a dream?

He said he had just lost his first tooth
Excitement in his voice, the Tooth Fairy was coming
In my mind, I saw a little girl waiting many years ago

A photo, followed by many, came in over my cellphone
I could hear the special sound it made as each came
My little cellphone now... held dear treasures

Treasures, photos of my very own ... grandson
As I lay my head down, I could hear my cellphone
Making that special sound... over and over, 39 times

I was half asleep, smiling a Granny Gee smile
I wondered if this was real, or was it wishful thinking
This morning I got up, looked, found out... it wasn't a dream

Can you feel me smiling through the tears
Feel the love that's beating from my Granny Gee heart?
Thank you, Taban's mommy... for making a dream come true

I'm so happy, thankful
That it wasn't wishful thinking
Nor... was is a dream   :))) My Granny Gee Smile!!!  :)))

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  1. I am so glad it wasn't a dream! Oh yes I can see that beautiful smile on your face now! I want to thank Taban's mother too. Thank you for sharing Taban's pictures and his love for his Granny Gee. Gloria, I am so happy for you because you do deserve to have a chance at seeing and hearing your grandson. Love, Ms. Nancy