Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Prince And The Rock- Weiler

Gift Of Love...   (Photo by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee)

Prince And The Rock-Weiler...

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Skip had one of the best night's sleep in some time.  He woke up feeling refreshed, began to turn over in bed...

What in... the... world?  He felt immediate pain in his right side!  He didn't know what was wrong, but, whatever it was... it didn't feel right.  It was lumpy, too big to be 'just laying' in the bed with him.  It felt like a .........

About that time, Kissy stretched out on the bed.  Now, you all know how big Mr. Kissy is... why, he is as long as a full-grown man when he stretches out.

When Kissy stretches, one needs to move out of the way.  He will bop you in the eye, or in the stomach, or the back... it hurts!  We call that 'big-footing'.  We say, "I just got big-footed." Kissy did it!

"Oh, Kissy!  I've just been big-footed!" Skip yelled out, "not only that, something is hurting my right side!"

Skip began the process of turning back over to sit up on the side of the bed... it's no easy feat on a king-size tempurpedic mattress.

In fact, it's very hard to do.... I'm ready to upgrade to a 'real' mattress... I sleep on the edge, so... I can get off easily.  That's another story :))).

Skip grabs whatever it is that was hurting him in his right side, while holding his left eye.... sits up on the side of the bed.  "I want you to look at this!"  In his hand, he held a ....

I couldn't believe my eyes, my mind went immediately to the fairy tale about the princess and the pebble!  How the princess could feel the pebble through all those mattresses!  If she'd had what Skip had in his hand... she'd known it!

In the palm of Skip's hand lay a rock!  Yes, a rock!  You can see it in the photo at the top of this story!  I put a happy flower (from a friend!) with its stem shaped into a heart .... and the rock inside it.... to reflect love.  Kissy put that rock there for Skip out of love!  Sometimes, love hurts! :)))

Sometimes... Kissy forgets he is a 'Rottweiler'... he becomes a 'Rock-weiler'... he loves to move rocks ... he'll bring the gift of a little rock in the house for us.

He is like us, people... sometimes... we are something else other than what we are..... example:  coffeemaker!  :)))


  1. Awe, Kissy can bring me a rock any day. Even if it means waking up on it! Love does hurt sometimes! In the end it is worth it! <3

  2. Mr. Kissy was showing Skip the love he has for him! I bet that rock did hurt!! Maybe you should keep the King size bed! Sounds like you need it for you and Skip AND the pups!! Have a happy day!! Love, Ms. Nancy

    1. Ha! I just realized I said 'princess and the pebble'... ha! It was 'princess and the pea'!!! I saw on Viveka's comment on my other blog when she said 'princess and the pea!' How could I forget! :))) Happy day, Ms Nancy! Love, Gloria

  3. Hi Granny Gee,

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