Wednesday, December 5, 2012

That's Just Not Right!

That's Just Not Right!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I was talking to you on the phone
When I noticed something... just not right
I kept on talking with you

As I talked, I walked by the mirror once again
Engrossed in what you had to say
When... again, I noticed something

Something's just not .... right
Not right at all... you got my attention again
With what you had to say

In the back of my mind I knew
I could walk at anytime by the mirror
To check out what I felt ... just wasn't right

We talked, we laughed
All the while my mind stayed on something
I thought I saw when walking by the mirror

All of a sudden I said to you
That I've got to go!
It dawned on me what was... just not right!

I ran to the mirror, looked into my face
Oh my God, I had a mustache, thick and full
I'm a girl... I just knew... that wasn't right!


Note:  Last night I had a dream ... I was talking on the phone when
I looked into the mirror... I saw a beautiful mustache on my mouth.
I admired it until.... I remembered 'I'm a girl... something's just not
right!'  Then... I became upset, woke up..........................................
I had to write about it.

When Tommy was living, he would make me laugh so much, when
we were talking and something was amiss... he'd say 'That's just not
right!'  The way he would say it would make me laugh non-stop!  I
miss your fun ways, Son.  I love and miss you with my heart...............

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  1. I am so glad you were only dreaming. I saw your doodles! I love them and I am sooooo jealous of you!! I can't draw a staight line much less being able to draw all those beautiful things you draw! I have my winter mailbox up that you painted for me. It is just as pretty today as it was the day you gave it to nme! Thank you so much for my mailbox! Love, Ms. Nancy