Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I'm So Proud Of You, Son ...

I'm Proud Of You, Son ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Watching tv tonight, I watched a young man sing on America's Got Talent. When he found out he was among the chosen, he put his arm to his face. He pressed it there, to catch his tears.

His gesture touched something deep inside me. Not only that, his whole demeanor reminded me of my son .... Tommy. He was humble ... it meant so much to him to be chosen to go on in the competition.

When he left the judges, he called his mother. He told her that he'd made it through. She said the words that I remember so well ... words that I used to say to Tommy ... many times.

Tears sprang to my eyes ... I put my arm up to my own eyes when I heard his mother say ... "I'm so proud of you, son"!

Photo credit: Photo is of my son, Tommy... owned by me. I'm fortunate to have my photos. They survived a house fire that destroyed all our belongings. My photos are damaged from smoke, water. I treasure them with my Heart.

I was reminded tonight of how I used to tell my own son, Tommy ... many times ... "I'm so proud of you, Son".

Tommy died May 29, 2010 with 2 blockages to his heart. He collapsed at Myrtle Beach on the sand. He'd been running, playing with his 3 year old son.

Tommy made it 'just in time' ... to play with Taban. I miss my son with my very Heart. I was ... most proud of him.

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  1. Tommy was a very good man!! I can understand why you were so proud of him. He was a good daddy too. I know he loved his mother (and Skip) and proud of his children. Tommy was proud of his mother just as his mother was proud of him. It is sad that he had to leave at such a young age. I think everyone that knew him was proud of him. He was definitely a good person! Love, Ms. Nancy