Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I Wish ...

I Wish ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

I watched the models walk down the walkway.  Each in their glory ... beautiful, polished ... shining bright as a star.

Colors ... textures ... colorful materials ... designs!  Oh, how I wish I had persued my dream of being a fashion designer as a young girl.  Instead ... I chose to be an adult that I wasn't ready to be.

The canvases of portraits, scenery painted in many colors ... line each side of the hallway. I walked by each slowly to take in all the colors, the pure beautiful art someone did by hand.  Oh, how I wished to be the artist I always wanted to be!

Colors, more colors ... many wonderful colors ... I would be surrounded in all the colors more than the rainbow if I were either an artist ... fashion designer.  Oh my ... colors mean the world to me!

I watched the mechanic's hands as he worked on a car.  I watched until I knew exactly what to do.  Oh, how I wished to be a mechanic in addition to all the other wishes of what I wish to be!  I could always help someone if their car broke down ... help myself.

I can put things together ... through time I have amazed my own self ... I can take things apart carefully ... put them back together again.  I am mechanically inclined.  I can use a hammer, a wrench.  I can do a lot of things ... I did as a young woman ... who would have thought a girly-girl dressed in beautiful dresses, high heels could do such?

I remember once being dressed to the max ... having a flat tire.  I knew how to change my flat tire.  I knew I would have to take my high heels, stockings off to be able to bend down to do it.  I would have to pull my tight skirt up above my knees.  As I had made my mind up to go into action ... a man stopped to help me.  I never let him know I could do it on my own.  I was just a girly-girl.  I appreciated it very much, plus he kept smiling at me.

I watched the doctor, nurses work over patients as they came into the ER.  Each one administering medicines orally, by injection.  I wished to be a doctor ... a nurse.  Instead, I worked between the ER and registration office.  I got to hold hands, pat someone to give comfort ... to show caring, speak soft, kind, sincere words.  I wanted to help everyone.  That was all I could do ... I wasn't a nurse, a doctor ... I wished.

There are many things I wished to be.  I wished to be a lawyer to fight for people.  I would have been Hell to be reckoned with if I believed in someone.

I wished to be a millionaire ... I promise you I would have helped thousands of people without them having to know it was me.  I wouldn't need credit for good things I would want to do.  I would want to create miracles ... I would wish to make everyone happy in the world.  I could be happiest knowing I did good.

I wish.

Note by Author:

I truly wished to be many things ... I could never focus on one thing.  I reflect on my life ... and see the many opportunities I never took advantage of.  I regret that.  I have a lot of regrets.  I wish ...

True thoughts, wishes and photo owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter.

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  1. I figure if we can't "wish" and have dreams----why are we here? We do the best we can and dream for the rest. You have had many wishes but you have also helped (probably unknowingly) many others. Sometimes all it takes to help someone is just a kind word or a soft touch. You have a large heart of gold that helps people. Me and most of the people in this world love you!! Love, Ms. Nancy