Wednesday, November 25, 2015


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Humor me ... I've been thinking about the GMO fish we will be eating in the future ... near future. They don't have to label it so, we won't know when we are eating it.

Just humor me for the moment ... I'm wondering 'why?' they won't label it as such ... and why? they don't want us to know what we are eating.  Why would they take away our right to know about this 'fish' we will be eating?

Do you remember my story about we might be crackers someday ... 'We Are Going To Be A Damn Cracker Before We Know It'.  Remember the movie ... Soylent? People ... when they died ... were turned into crackers to feed 'the world'.  Look at end of this ... you can read my story:  We Are Going To Be A Damn Cracker Before We Know It.

Now ... you are getting the picture ... I see your face.  I hate to even finish what I am wondering ... but, I will.  Just because I am wondering something ... thinking it ... doesn't mean it'll be so, or ... it's so.  You know how we all become suspicious when we are told we aren't allowed to know something ... especially when it comes to what we are eating, putting in our bodies.  I'm no exception.

I heard on tv today that the fish is 'long, eel-like'.  A picture came into my mind ... pink, flesh-like. Are you getting the picture?  Pink ... flesh-like?  Human?  I wonder if there will be any bones in it? What kind of bones?  If no bones ... will the fish be processed and ... sliced?

I'm grinning now ... of course, we aren't going to be eating each other ... are we?  Is it possible we'll become both crackers ... and 'fish'?


WE ARE GOING TO BE A DAMN CRACKER BEFORE WE KNOW IT ... By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I was just reading another article that makes me think we really are going to be a cracker before we know it. I’m sitting here thinking I don’t want to be a ‘damn’… (yes, I know I said ‘damn’, once again… I have the right to say it… just read back in my stories!)… damn cracker. 

Why? Because I don’t want anyone to be eating on me! I can’t imagine anyone spreading peanut butter between crackers… that are ‘me’! Then… bite me! 

I knew when I was a young girl that the movie ‘Soylent Green’ made little alarms go off in my mind! I knew it! I knew by the time I got ‘old’… probably old people would be turned into crackers… to be eaten by the whole world! I knew it! 

I just read an article about a ‘mock’ petition being signed by younger people… to euthanize ‘old’ people to lower healthcare cost. Here’s the link: Guess what? People were ready to sign the mock petition… they wanted the old people out of the way… 

Okay, what would happen next? Yes, you guessed right… they wouldn’t want to waste all of ‘us old people’… so, what could they do with them? ‘Old people’ are already thought to be ‘dry, airy, light’. Why, they’d turn us all into crackers! ‘We’ are already part of the way ‘done’!!! 

Now, can you imagine apologizing to your grandma, grandpa… great-grandma, great-grandpa… saying, ‘I’m so sorry I’ve got to eat you, granny, I’m hungry! If your grandchild never liked you, he’d say, ‘I’m gonna eat your ass’! Lord, only knows what people would say, do …when eating someone else’s grandpa, grandma! 

Skip said if this ever becomes a reality, and he’s still around… he would like two dozen Barbara Eden crackers! That Skip!  )) Can you see all of us…. ‘old people’… packaged up in pretty boxes, each with our own name on them? I would want my box to be a very happy, colored box inviting people to eat me. Oh no! I’m ‘old’, even I was wanting to be a cracker in a happy-colored box! Just to be in a happy-colored box… I’d be a cracker! No way! 

If you see a box with my name on it… you better not bite me, think you can chew me up…. swallow me. I’m going to make you sick! I mean it! I’m worried now, because…. we are going to be a damn cracker before we know it!

As a young girl I watched Soylent Green... alarms went off in my young mind... I knew by the time I got old... old people would be turned into ...crackers!


Note by this Author:

My thoughts above are exactly what I wrote.  Just suppose ... they have found a way to remedy the problem of having room to bury people.  Just suppose, they make us ... into crackers and ... fish!  :)

Photo/real thoughts owned, written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

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  1. Now you have given us all something to really think about! That sounds like Skip! Ha! I will think about "who" I would want in my cupboard! Ha! Love, Ms. Nancy