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Her One Good Hand ...

Her One Good Hand ...
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter ...

I left my husband at the desk where he was talking to the gray-haired lady sitting there.  She had on gold-rimmed glasses and had the sweetest of smiles.

I walked through the waiting area to go to the restroom.  I looked up on the wall at the tv ... the color on it was brilliant.  Rachael Rae was cooking, naming each ingredient she was using.  I thought to myself ... Rachael Rae has gained a little weight ... just like me.

I got almost to the bathroom ... gracious, I had to go!  I had drank water ... I couldn't have anything else before going to do my lab work.  Now ... I wanted to go to the restroom ... and of course when one has to go ... there's always going to be some obstacle in one's path!

This wasn't any different ... I groaned inwardly when I saw an older man push his wife in her wheelchair ... through the bathroom door.  The door closed behind them ... I stood there ... going from one foot to the other.  Damn!

Suppose I opened that door ... stepped inside one of the stalls ... I discarded that idea right away.  No way could I do that.

I waited for about five minutes ... the door opened, the older man came out, smiling at me as he walked across the hall to the men's restroom.

I hurried inside the women's restroom ... noticing in the big mirror ... as I opened the door to a stall ... that the woman was sitting on the toliet in the big stall for handicap people ... with the door open, her wheelchair sitting empty.  I knew I'd be listening for her ... and ready to help her if I could.  She reminded me of someone ...

Be damned!  Someone had left a turd in the commode as long as a ruler!  It floated in the water with tissue paper like there was a party going on!  I gagged ... quickly stepped out of that stall.  The next stall was spotless ... I quickly took advantage of it.

I heard the commode flush in the big stall.  I worried for the older lady!  I finished up quickly ... washed my hands ... looking in the mirror where I had a full view of her.  I didn't want her to fall.

I dried my hands ... turned to talk to her ... asking her if she needed help.  Being me, I didn't wait for her to say she needed help ... I was sure 'like me' ... she'd say she was fine, didn't need help ... while wishing for it.  I 'knew' she needed help ... and that her husband wouldn't just walk back inside knowing I was in there.

I saw that she also, had a cane with four legs sitting beside her wheelchair.  I rolled her wheelchair up to her ... she just naturally turned around and began letting me help her.  It was like I'd been doing it all the time.  She never felt awkward with me ... and I felt wonderful inside because she didn't mind!  I was honored to help her.  She trusted me when she sat down ... knowing I would have the wheelchair there for her.

I rolled her to the sink so, she could wash her hands.  I noticed she had a brace on left hand, and it hung to the side.  She reminded me of someone ...

I watched as she took her right hand, turned the faucet on ... put her hand under the soap dispenser ... it automatically deposited pink liquid soap onto her palm.  She put her hand under the warm water .... began moving her fingers ... then, rinsed her hand off.

She was talking the whole time about having a stroke in April of last year, how it had changed her body.  She was sad that she wasn't the same as she ... used to be.  She said, "Thank God, I can still walk".  She could walk, but she had to struggle ... she was so thankful she could do that.

I could understand ... the things I've been through in life ... I was so thankful even if things weren't the best ... I was grateful for what I had ... at least 'I had that'.  When I survived cancer ... the chemotherapy drug (adriamycin) damaged my heart ... didn't matter, it saved my life ... and it was my trade-off to live.  I was so thankful.

So, when she said she was thankful 'for at least that, the ability to walk not the best ... but, at least ... walk' ... I truly understood what she meant.

She turned the faucet off with her good hand ... I had already pulled several paper towels out of the towel dispenser to dry her hand.  I put my hand out to take her hand ... I gently dried each finger so no water was left on her hand.  I felt emotion inside ... I felt love for her, I cared so much.  I felt the need to ... protect her.

She never minded me helping her ... her husband had come back inside the restroom ... he had knocked on the door, and I told him to come in.  He stood to the side, watching ... smiling.  He seemed happy watching us.

I held her good hand in mind, told her goodbye.  I patted it as I spoke.  I walked to the door ... opened it, held it so her husband could push out in her wheelchair.

I stood there for a moment watching them go out into waiting area.  I choked up ... I realized who she reminded me of ... she reminded me of Grandma Alma ... when she held out her good hand to me. I had the strange sensation of being the little girl I was when I lived with her.

My Grandma Alma only had ... one good hand.  The lady had one good hand ... I held it in my hands with pure love.

***     My Grandma Alma is gone ... today I felt I got to see her ... hold her one good hand.  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee   ***

Note by this Author:

As you all know ... my Grandma Alma had a stroke many years ago, lived for twenty-some years ... paralyzed.  She only had one 'good' hand ... one 'good' leg.  Whenever she walked with her walker ... George was always by her side.  George was blind.  George was the only grandfather I ever knew.

Grandma Alma would drag her 'bad' leg as she walked ... her 'bad' hand hung by her side.  George was blind, Grandma Alma was paralyzed on one side.

I lived with them as a child ... they lived in pure Hell ... all the children who lived with them was loved by them ... but, they couldn't stop the Hell from burning them ... scarring them for life.

I thought of my beautiful Grandma Alma today ... when I held that woman's ... good hand.  I hope she will never forget me ... because I helped her with ... pure love ... just as I would with my Grandma Alma.

Photo, true story owned, written by me ... Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

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  1. You are such a wonderful person! You have always helped others. You put aside how you feel and do what you can for others. You are an amazing person and always thinking of others before yourself. I am blessed to have you as my best friend! Love, Ms. Nancy